Singing Time Snowball Toss


If you want a low-key New Year’s singing time this holiday weekend, I’ve got the perfect solution!  Try my singing time snowball toss!  A great way to sing or review any song with a rowdy bunch of kids still in vacation mode!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Snowball Toss lesson plan

The first primary in Sunday is usually a little HECTIC {to say the least!}.  I never like to delve right in to teaching new primary songs this first week of the year.

With kids all advancing, they have new teachers, new seats and there are a whole slew of new sunbeams – ACK!  So keep your expectations low the first Sunday of the year.  That’s why I suggest something that can handle a little chaos!

Snowball Toss

I inherited this printable from someone somewhere – it was shoved in a manilla file folder, lost in a stack of papers that had been stashed away for YEARS!  Somehow it found it’s way into my hands!  I dusted it off, polished it up a bit and brought it back to life!  I’m super stoked!

Singing Time Snowball Toss lesson plan

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I definitely recommend printing this on card stock or mounting to heavier paper.  Once printed (feel free to color it), then cut it out (including the slits on the “hoop” and the sliver around the head). Fold the top and side flaps forward.  Tuck the side flaps into the little slits on the hoop.

You can then fold the feet forward.  Hang this guy on the board and you are all set for your singing time snowball toss!  Just add snowballs!  Okay, not real ones, obviously!

This is the finished product:

Singing Time Snowball Toss lesson plan

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Cotton balls
  • Craft pom pom balls
  • Aluminum foil or plastic wrap squares crumpled into wads


For the activity, sing any song!  But if you want a winter theme, here are songs from the songbook that relate to winter:

  • All Things Bright and Beautiful (3rd verse) p. 231
  • Falling Snow p. 248
  • Once There Was a Snowman p. 249
  • Fun To Do p. 253 (change words to “tossing snowballs is fun to do”

Invite a good singer to the front.  Have them toss “snowballs” into the hoop while the rest of the primary sings.  Rotate with new children and new songs.


  • If your primary is large, create several snowmen and hang them on the board or around the room.  Have several children come up at a time to toss.
  • Invite an entire class up to the front and stand in a line.  Hand them each one snowball to toss into the hoop and then go to the back of the line. Everyone gets a turn to toss until the song is finished.  Have new classes come up with each song.
  • Have the entire primary sing a primary song.  Stop randomly and choose a child to say the next word.  If they say it correctly, they get to come toss a snowball (or a few) into the hoop.  Repeat by continuing where you left off with your song and new children who know the next word, to come toss the snowball(s).

More Snow Fun

If you want more singing time snow fun, check out my Roll-A-Snowman HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Roll-A-Snowman Singing Time Review Activity

Hit a Snowman

Also make sure to check out this clever Do You Want to Hit a Snowman activity shared on the Primary FB group HERE.  Thanks Makelle for sharing!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Snowball Toss lesson plan

Snowball Fight

Check out this fun video here:

If you want something that’s specific to New Year’s Day, check out my post HERE for celebrating New Year’s around the world.

Snowball Singing

Snowball Singing

This activity is similar to a few listed above but with some variation that I thought it worth sharing. Find the original idea HERE.  In a nutshell, hang clip art snowmen on the board with a song on the back.  Have a child throw a snowball (wad of paper) with ways to sing the song.  Sing the song that is hit with the action written on the snowball.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Celebrating New Years Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

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