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I know that the song, Build An Ark isn’t a suggested song for 2022, but it really ought to be!  We’ll be studying all about Noah and Build An Ark is the perfect song to throw in your mix of songs if you have time!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Build an Ark singing time idea

The song Build An Ark written byMarianne P. Wilcock first appeared in The Friend magazine in September 2010 HERE.  So since it’s been published by the church, it’s totally appropriate to teach in singing time!

You can download the sheet music HERE (I do have a better copy in my Resource Library that’s not colored and easier to read – I can’t find where I originally downloaded it).  And if you want to listen to it, it’s available as a sing-along video on the church’s website HERE (and also on the church’s Gospel for Kids App – find more details HERE about the app).

There’s also a YouTube sing-along video here:

What Happens Next?

Back in 2013, Build an Ark was taught at a Primary Auxiliary Leadership Training.  It contains some great ideas for teaching this song!  And you know you won’t go wrong when the lesson material is approved by the Primary General Board :).  Watch the video here (lesson plan material begins at 07:28):

A reader shared their write up of this lesson plan.  I’ve uploaded it to my Resource Library. Access my printables at my Resource Library. Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Egg Shakers

But I have to admit, my favorite method for teaching this song is from Marianne Mabey HERE.  LOVE it!!  It utilizes egg shakers and simple actions to the beat.  Even just a great way to review the song after it’s been learned!  Check out my post HERE about where I get egg shakers.  Marianne’s video can also be found here:

Lyrics Puzzle

Check out Primary Singing’s puzzle printable for this song HERE.

Cardboard Ark

Camille's Primary Ideas: Build an Ark singing time idea

This next idea goes WAY above and beyond what my crafting capabilities are but I had to share anyway!  Ryan’s wife created a cardboard ark HERE.  He said:

My wife made this Ark. Each child will bring a plank of wood to build the ark with 3 ideas on how they can serve and be obedient to the Lord. When they bring their plank of paper wood back to be placed on the ark they will get a small rainbow to be put on the rainbow board. She is so clever. 

Anyway, more details and pictures on the link!  Too cute!  Another ark idea is HERE.

Susan Fitch’s Noah’s Ark

Then, Susan Fitch let me know that she has a brand NEW kit available that’s just in time for the story of Noah!  I just love her work SO much!  Check out all the ways I use Susan Fitch in singing time HERE.

Susan Fitch Noah's Ark Preview

This kit is available in her Etsy shop HERE.  These images would make for the best flip chart, or simply use the images to post on the board as you sing the song!

Are you teaching Build An Ark this year in singing time?  I’d love to hear!  Leave a comment with your ideas!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Know My Father Lives singing time ideas

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > Build An Ark.


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    1. Hi Katherine!

      The readable copy of the music to Build an Ark is available in my Resource Library.  It’s filed under Song title > Build an Ark. I’ve also emailed you the direct link. I hope that helps.


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