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I jump at any chance to pull in activities from The Friend into singing time!  And the March 2019 issue has a great one to do just that!  It’s entitled Lots of Ways to Say I Love You – perfect for Valentine’s Day in singing time!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Lots of Ways to Say I Love You Valentine's Day singing time idea

Every month, I LOVE (pun totally intended!) to take a week off and sing something seasonal or holiday related.  And in February, that means Valentine’s Day! 

The world needs more love so why not spread more of it in singing time?  There are SO many Primary songs on love!  And this Valentine’s Day singing time activity uses quite a few!

I slightly modified this activity from The Friend to incorporate Primary songs relating to love.  You can definitely use it as is – there are a few hymns referenced already.  But to ensure we land on lots of singing squares, I added lots of Primary songs on love!

Primary Songs about Love

Here are the Primary songs on love I added:

  • Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61
  • Reverence is Love p. 31
  • Love One Another p. 136
  • I’ll Walk With You (3rd verse only) p. 140
  • I Love To See The Temple p. 95
  • We Are Different p. 263 (3rd verse only)
  • Love is Spoken Here p. 190
  • Where Love Is p. 138
  • I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78
  • Teacher, Do You Love Me? p. 178
  • Mother, I Love You p. 207
  • I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74
  • A Happy Family p. 198

Lots of Ways Poster

There are several options for printing the Lots of Ways to Say “I Love You” poster:

  • 20 x 30 JPEG or PDF poster you can print at your local printer
  • Printer-friendly print-at-home tiled version that prints on 8 sheets of regular printer paper (I suggest using card stock and laminating)
Camille's Primary Ideas: Lots of Ways to Say I Love You Valentine's Day singing time idea

Download the Free Lots of Ways Singing Time Printables

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And if you don’t want to print at all, this can easily be drawn on the board!

Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas

The activity is simple!  Hang your game board on the board.  Use large, heavy magnets as your game markers.

Divide into teams or simply have 1 marker and the entire Primary plays together.

Roll a die.  These large foam dice are my favorite!  But any dice will work.

Whatever number is rolled is the number of spaces the marker will advance.  Do what’s in the square.  If you land on say “I love you” have the Primary say, “I love you.”  If you land on a scripture verse, read that scripture.

I created these scripture printables for reference that you can also hang on the board:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Lots of Ways to Say I Love You Valentine's Day singing time idea

These are also filed in my Resource Library.

If you land on a song, sing that song (I recommend singing one verse).  Make sure to post words using this format for any songs that are unfamiliar.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

You can do more than just sing when a song is rolled!  Every time the word “LOVE” is sung, children can stand up, create a heart shape with their hands, put their hands over their hearts, ring a bell, whatever!

Or, my preference … pass out suckers for them to raise when the word “LOVE” is sung.  They can eat their sucker afterwards!  An editable prop – LOVE it!!  I got these at Sam’s Club and they are perfect!  Attach it to this card from Susan Fitch for the perfect Valentine’s gift!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Lots of Ways to Say I Love You Valentine's Day singing time idea

If you have the Primary playing together, simply see how far you can get with the allotted time.  If you have teams, the first team to the end wins!  If you finish and still have time, start over again!

More Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas

Make sure to also find all my Valentine’s Day Singing Time ideas!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Valentine's Day Primary Singing Time Ideas

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > Valentine’s Day > Lots of Ways to Say I Love You.


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14 thoughts on “Lots of Ways to say I Love You – The Friend”

  1. I do not do FB but I would sure like the flip chart to the song I Will Shine. Is there a way I can get it from your sight?

      1. HI Camille! I have tried to print the tiled version of Lots of Ways & it only gets to page 6 then stops. Is it just me & my printer?

          1. You bet! Are you having trouble printing it as well? It’s available in my Resource Library if not. What I email you is the same file that’s there.


  2. Thanks for putting the flip chart in the library, It helps
    me a lot! When I went to print it off the words and the pictures are off a bit, like the words on one page and picture on the next. Can you take a look and see if that is the correct way it should be? Thanks for all you do to make my life easier. Your awesome.

    1. Hi Shauna!

      After printing them, did they appear to be off or is it when you view them online? Online, they appear to be fine for me. If it’s after you printed, you may need to adjust your print settings. I can also email you the files to see if that helps.


  3. I’m sorry to bug you but the tiled version will not pull up for me, I saw that you e-mailed it to another commenter that also had trouble, would you mind doing that for me too? I would be so grateful. I love your ideas and am so grateful for your generosity.

    1. Hi Polyanna!

      No bother at all! I’ve emailed you the file. I think since it’s a big file, you need to download it first before the preview will appear. But I’m not exactly sure. It appears to be working on my end but that doesn’t always mean much ;). Thanks for reaching out and for your kind comment!


  4. Camille,
    I’m at FedEx trying to print off the “lots of ways to say I love you” poster…and the file isn’t clear…could you email me the direct file so I can see if that would be clearer?
    Thank you, Kelli

    1. Hi Kelli!

      I apologize that the poster is not clear. I haven’t printed it myself but I did have a ready say that she printed as a 24×16 and it was fine. It may be because I enlarged the original and the original became pixelated in the process. I’ve emailed the original documents to you. If you still have issues, I’ll see if I can try and make it better.


  5. Hi there! Am I doing something wrong? I have signed up to get your emails and now every time I want to print something from the resource library it askes me to sign up for your emails. Do I HAVE to do that every time or is there a better way to access your resource library without having to “sign up” each time? Thank you for your wonderful ideas.

    1. Hi Deb!

      You aren’t doing anything wrong. The easiest way to not have to re-enter your email address every time you want to access my Resource Library is to bookmark the link in your web browser. How to do that depends on what browser you use. But if you are using Google Chrome, for instance, you would follow these instructions:

      Open Google Chrome on your Mac or PC and navigate to the web page you want to bookmark.
      Click the star on the right edge of the address bar. A bookmark will be automatically created.
      A pop-up box will appear where you can customize the bookmark.

      I hope that helps some.


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