Practice Volume and Breathing when Singing


Breathing and volume when singing can be difficult to envision, let alone to actually do correctly.  Use these tools to help visualize proper breathing and producing more volume when singing!  They are great to use when practicing your primary presentation or singing in sacrament meeting.  Or simply help any type of children’s choir you lead!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Practice Volume & Breathing when singing

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Volume & Breathing

Have you ever asked your primary to sing louder only to induce shouting?  Or have you noticed the kids can’t figure out how to hold out sustained notes?

Kids need to practice how to sing softly, medium and loudly.  Practicing helps them understand and accomplish the different levels used when singing.

Enter in these engaging tools to help!  I first heard about a few of these toys  tools from Barbara Gill’s recent workshop.  I was so intrigued that I had to try them out for myself!


I’ve used a slinky for YEARS to help measure volume!  Hold it vertically and stretch it when you want children to increase their volume and shrink it down when they need to decrease it.

Use it horizontally to represent breath work.  Stretch it out to hold out breathing then quickly close indicating when to take a deep breath.

I recommend the original Slinky size (Amazon affiliate link):

Monkey Noodles

Have you ever heard of Monkey Noodles?  Neither had I until I attended Barbara Gill’s workshop!  They operate similar to a slinky but are visually WAY more fun!  Hold up one at a time and stretch it this way and that!  Then add multiple colors!

These also double up as a way to choose which children can sing.  Hold up a color and any child wearing that color sings!  Mix and match for endless combinations of singers!

Find these here (Amazon affiliate link):


If you want to really help children visualize how their diaphragm works, use a Hobermansphere.  This cool little gadget shrinks and expands in a complete circular form when you move it.

Unlike the slinky and the monkey noodles which are 2-dimensional, this thing is 3D!  It gives a great visual of how to create good breath work when singing.  

The actual Hobermansphere brand is pretty expensive, so I suggest this cheaper {in price and also in quality} alternative (Amazon affiliate link):

Tennis Ball Bob or Barbara

Camille's Primary Ideas: Practice Volume & Breathing when singing

Barbara also brought out “Bob” at her workshop.  Create a singing tennis ball by cutting a slit across the ball for the mouth.  Add googly eyes and decorate as you like.

To use in singing time, have the children mimic the ball.  Squeeze the ball to open the mouth.  Keep it open until it’s time to breathe.  The bigger the mouth is, the bigger the volume should be.

If you have time, create a tennis ball for each of the children to use.

More Volume & Breathing Ideas

LDS Primary Printables has a post HERE with some great techniques and ideas for helping kids to sing louder.

If you have any other creative ways you practice breathing and volume in singing time, let me know in the comments!

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