Primary Song New Year’s Goals


Did you know there are ideas for helping children complete the Children’s Guidebook? And did you also know that each of these ideas can be directly related to a primary song? Your primary will LOVE this primary song new year’s goals singing time activity!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song New Years Goals using the Children's Guidebook

Ideas for Growing

I didn’t know ANY of these suggestions existed until I began preparing for this New Year’s singing time activity!

Let me rewind … a few years ago, the church implemented their new Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song New Years Goals using the Children's Guidebook

It is meant to help children set meaningful goals and give them opportunities to grow and learn in all areas of their life.

Supplemental material for this book includes Ideas for Growing in All Areas found HERE.  There are 44 ideas or suggestions for goal setting relating to each goal category:

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Intellectual

I think when these ideas for goal setting were given, they simply thumbed through the Children’s Songbook!  I found a primary song to associate with each suggested idea!

Since coming across these ideas, I feel more peace and calm in regards to the Children’s Guidebook (at least with my own kids at home)!  Now combine these ideas with a primary song and I am completely good to go!!

Goal Setting Printables

Using the images found on the church’s website (linked above) I created these goal setting printables (1 for each category = 4 total) to use during singing time:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song New Years Goals using the Children's Guidebook

Access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Print these on card stock and laminate (optional).

Then I also created these goal setting cards (for the 4 categories) that contain ideas for accomplishing goals in each area along with a primary song:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song New Years Goals using the Children's Guidebook
Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song New Years Goals using the Children's Guidebook

Also access these in my Resource Library.

When printing these, make sure to print two-side (front-to-back) so the picture with the idea is on the front and the suggestions along with the primary song are on the back.  Cut out and laminate (optional).

This is a comprehensive list of all the ideas and their corresponding primary song.  There are more songs to sing than you will be able to sing in one Sunday.

Get through what you can or just pick your favorite songs from each category.  This is also great to use if you have more allotted time like a 5th Sunday. 

Some cards have an activity listed after the song title to do for added movement.  See the link for more details):

Spiritual Growth Goals

  • Read the Book of Mormon Everyday: Book of Mormon Stories p. 118 (actions)
  • Prepare To Go to the Temple: I Love to See the Temple p. 95 (temple pictures)
  • Serve Someone: “Give,” Said the Little Stream p. 236 (wands)
  • Teach the Gospel: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission p. 169 (walk in place)
  • Do Family History: Family History – I Am Doing It p. 94 (bend and snap to the beat)
  • Learn the Articles of Faith: The First Article of Faith p. 122
  • Improve your Prayers: I Pray in Faith p. 14
  • Thank Heavenly Father for your Blessings: I Am Glad for Many Things p. 151
  • Keep the Sabbath Day Holy: The Chapel Doors p. 156
  • Share the Gospel: The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77
  • Sing a Primary Song: Sing a Song p. 253

Social Growth Goals

  • Show Love to Your Family: Love One Another p. 136 (sign language)
  • Make a New Friend: Friends Are Fun p. 262 (pass around an inflatable beach ball)
  • Welcome Others: We Welcome You [1st half only] p. 256 (clap to the beat)
  • Learn about the Family: Families Can Be Together Forever p. 188 (stick figure families)
  • Include Others: Kindness Begins with Me p. 145 (pass the flowers)
  • Learn about Other Cultures: Children All Over the world p. 16
  • Serve Your Neighbors: I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78
  • Learn to Apologize and Forgive: Help Me, Dear Father p. 99
  • Learn about Your Community: We Are Different p. 263 (actions)
  • Speak Kind Words: Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61 (simplified ASL)
  • Control Your Temper: Hum Your Favorite Hymn p. 152

Physical Growth Goals

  • Learn to Cook: The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden p. 237 (string garden)
  • Prepare for Emergencies: When He Comes Again p. 82 (finger drawings)
  • Make Your Body Strong: For Health and Strength p. 21 (actions)
  • Show Respect for Your Body: The Lord Gave Me a Temple p. 153
  • Care for Your Home: A Happy Family p. 198
  • Take Care of the Things You Own: Saturday p. 196
  • Learn a New Art Skill: My Heavenly Father Loves Me p. 228
  • Learn a New Music Skill: Fun To Do p. 253 [singing a song]
  • Obey the Word of Wisdom: The Word of Wisdom p. 154
  • Enjoy Time Outdoors: I Think the World is Glorious p. 230
  • Share Your Talents: Every Star is  Different p. 142

Intellectual Growth Goals

  • Learn about Different Jobs: Daddy’s Homecoming p. 210 (actions)
  • Learn about People You Admire: Latter-day Prophets p. 134 (actions)
  • Improve Your Memory: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man p. 281 (actions)
  • Write a Story: Nephi’s Courage p. 120 (puppets)
  • Learn about Tithing: I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth p. 150
  • Improve Your Reading Skills: Search, Ponder and Pray p. 109
  • Learn How to Be Safe Online: Keep the Commandments p. 146
  • Learn Something New: Seek the Lord Early p. 108
  • Attend or Watch Cultural Events: We’ll Bring the World His Truth p. 172
  • Learn How to Make Good Choices: I Will Follow God’s Plan p. 164
  • Learn a New Language: Feliz Cumpleaños p. 282

Now, there’s NO way you are going to sing 44 songs in 1 singing time!  So pick your favorites or just sing whatever you can get through in your allotted time.  Come back to this activity throughout the year, or simply do it once a year for New Year’s with new ideas and songs!

New Year's Goals Singing Time Idea

Tell the primary that often the new year is used for setting new goals. Setting goals is a great way to help us grow and improve.

Show a copy of the Children’s Guidebook (optional). Tell the primary that this book helps primary children set spiritual, social, physical and intellectual goals, helping provide growth. Hang a copy of the attached large 4 goal pages (SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL) on the board.

Then tell the primary that there are several ideas for growing and setting goals in all these areas on the church’s website. Each idea can be related to a primary song! Place the 4 bowls containing the cards on the table.

Choose one of the cards from the bowls, read it and sing the song. Repeat with a new category, new card and new song until time runs out.

Post the Words

Make sure to post the words to the songs to aid in singing!  Whenever I sing a wide variety of songs in primary, I ALWAYS post the words!  See how I do that HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

Sing Along Videos

Alternatively, you can use the sing-along videos found HERE to aid in singing.  Just note that not all the primary songs are available.  However, the Gospel for Kids app contains all the sing-along videos.  More details about the app can be found HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Gospel for Kids app

Bear Testimony

Bear testimony of the importance of growing and trying to improve every day.

More New Year's Day Singing Time Ideas

Scroll through more of my New Year’s Day singing time ideas HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Celebrating New Years Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Check out this quick tutorial video for accessing the Resource Library:

These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Category Title > New Year’s Day.


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