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Every month it is beneficial take one week to review all the songs you’ve learned so far for the primary program.  In January it’s pretty obvious that there are none to review.  So instead do a PREVIEW of all the songs you’ll be learning for the upcoming year!  Do this by watching 2023 Sing-Along videos in singing time – your kids will LOVE them!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Editable 2023 Sing-Along Videos Worksheet

Several variations are available below for implementing this lesson plan so hopefully there’s an option that will work for your primary…

Sing-Along Videos

If you are unsure about what sing-along videos are, they are exactly what their name suggests.  They are videos that you sing along to!  Typically there is video or pictures that coincide with the song as it’s sung.  In addition, the words are available to help you sing along.

They are a wonderful way to introduce children to new and unfamiliar songs.  Now, there are several variations for showcasing these sing-along videos in singing time.  Here are just a few:

Gospel for Kids App

My favorite way to show sing-along videos in singing time is by using the Gospel for Kids app. It’s a church-owned app with no advertisements which makes it perfect to use in primary!  Check out more details on this app HERE
Camille's Primary Ideas: Gospel for Kids app
The app is SO SLICK!  Simply:
  • Download the app
  • Create a playlist (I entitled my playlist 2023 Sing-Along Videos),
  • Search for the primary songs and hymns to add
  • Make sure they are in the order you want.
Almost every song I needed was there!!  Hit play and it will play the entire playlist!!  Our primary is learning The Miracle in January.  Unfortunately isn’t on the app.  But it is on the church’s website HERE or YouTube:

Then I recommend watching your 2023 sing-along videos a TV screen.  This post HERE contains more details on how to do that.

Create a YouTube Playlist

The second digital variation to display sing-along videos is to create a YouTube playlist.  I created this playlist HERE.  It contains all the suggested songs for 2023 Music for Singing Time.
TIP: Download these videos to your device.  If you need help downloading videos from YouTube, checkout this tutorial HERE that Rachel shared on FB!! (Read through the comments there for help with Android settings).  A HUGE thank you for this!!
A YouTube playlist is best if you have several songs that are not found on the Gospel for Kids app.

Online Sing-Along Videos

There are also several sing-along videos on churchofjesuschrist.org HERE.  Just be aware that not all primary songs are available.  Download what you need on to your device.

Then continue to hook up your device to the TV the same way as suggested above.

Sing-Along Flip Charts

Camille's Primary Ideas: Faith Singing Time Ideas

Now, not techy? No problem!  Download and print flip charts for most of these songs from the Resource Library or LDSChoristers

Download the Free Flip Chart Singing Time Printables

These printables are filed on the Resource Library page under Song Title > [each individual song title].


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 Or simply bring the songs on your phone + speaker to play them.
TIP: Place each flip chart in plastic sheet protectors and put them in a binder for easy flipping.  It may be a lot of flip charts but if you plan on using them later in the year, you’ll be saving yourself work later on.

Live Musical Performance

And the last option is to ask various ward members to come in and do a musical performance of the songs!  The more variety you have, the better!  Ask a few Young Women, a family, an older couple, the primary presidency, the bishopric, etc.

Sing-Along Worksheet

Once you have your playlist put together (whatever method you chose above) and a way to display it in singing time, you now need a worksheet for the kids!

I created this simple worksheet for the kids to fill out as they are watching.  It helps break up each song and gives something for those busy hands to do ;).

Camille's Primary Ideas: Editable 2023 Sing-Along Videos Worksheet

Access my printables at my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Like previously stated, our primary is deviating slightly from the list of suggested songs in January.  We’re learning The Miracle.

New Editing Capabilities

If your list of songs looks different from mine, no problem!  Enter the NEW editable Primary Program Songs worksheet.  Add your own text to any of the blue areas before printing using Adobe Reader or Preview.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Editable 2023 Sing-Along Videos Worksheet

This option to edit is included with Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM subscriptions for 2023!  But if you just need the playlist, keep scrolling for information to purchase it.

What is Singing Time To-Go?

Singing Time To-Go takes all the stress out of planning your weekly singing time lesson plans. The planner is filled in, complete with the current month’s suggested songs, seasonal activities, reviewing for the program, words to post and more! 

Better yet, it’s in one spot to easily download and print.  For more information on Singing Time To-Go, click here:

If you want details on Singing Time to-Go, check out overviews of previous months’ Singing Times To-Go HERE.  Stay organized and maintain a stress-free singing time by having it all planned and mapped out for you!

Camille's Primary Ideas: March 2022 Singing Time To-Go

Purchase the Editable 2023 Sing-Along Worksheet

The editable 2023 Sing-Along Worksheet is also available in my shop for $1.99.

No Printer, No Problem!

Write the name of the songs on the board and as a primary, vote if the song is familiar or not.  Or another option is to pass out blank sheets of paper and have the kids write their own names of the songs. The younger kids can simply color a picture.

Singing Time Idea

So, dim the lights, dismiss the pianist ;), pass out a coloring utensil to all the kids, along with a worksheet and push “play.”  Encourage kids to sing along as much as they can and if there are songs they don’t know, they can go home and listen to the Digital Playlists that were given at Christmas.  Check out details on my Digital Playlist HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: New Testament Digital Playlist
Know that some of Jr. primary won’t understand the worksheet but it still gives them something to color as they watch the videos.  Or simply omit the worksheet for the younger kids – the videos alone are enough on their own!
So no matter your method, this is a wonderful way to introduce all the program songs for 2023!
If you want to see all my posts for Music for Singing Time 2023, scroll through them all HERE.
Camille's Primary Ideas: Music for Singing Time 2023

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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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