Jesus is My True Light January 2023 Song in The Friend


I love flipping through the Friend magazine each month and finding a NEW song!  The January 2023 Friend contains a new song entitled Jesus is My True Light.  If you want to teach a new song all about Jesus Christ, try this one!

I also love the Bright Idea image next to it!  At home, I tear out these pages and hang them on our magnet board!

You can find it in The Friend on the church’s website HERE.  Print the sheet music HERE.

The text is beautiful!

1. At night when darkness fills my room,

I do not need to fear.

I think of Jesus’ love for me

And know that He is near,

2. When I am tempted to do wrong,

I seek the Savior’s light.

And as I think of all He’s done,

I want to do what’s right,

Chorus: For Jesus is my true light.

He protects me day and night.

He helps me choose the right.

I will follow in His light.

Find a sing along video for Jesus is My True Light here:

Or find it on the church’s website HERE.

Are you teaching Jesus is My True Light and have any singing time ideas to share?  Help everyone else out if you do and I’ll link them below:

Katie said HERE:

We are gaining daylight everyday and this is a great song in the middle of winter to teach the kids. I have one particularly afraid of the dark right now. I plan to share about my experience living in Barrow, Alaska [see article HERE] where the sun goes down for 2.5 months. Jesus being our light in the dark is very comparable to that first sunrise after 2.5 months of none. It was incredible! I’ll probably figure out a way to incorporate flashlights and the dark room.

Kristi Suggested HERE:

Before Primary starts post pictures of Jesus on the walls all around the room … Post my favorite picture of Jesus on the chalkboard (Light of the World, by Brent Borup—found in the NT CFM manual).
Show the children the Bright Idea page from the January 2023 page. Then point out the picture on the board—“I love this picture because it is so light and reminds me that Jesus is my light”. Invite the children to look around the room and notice the pictures on the wall. Invite the children to walk around the room and choose a picture from the wall (bring it back to their chair) while listening to a recording of the song. Once everyone is back in their seats, play the recording again—this time [hold] a flashlight on each child’s picture as they held it for a few seconds. After listening, invite the children to share what they noticed about the picture, why they liked it, etc. (Some children picked up on the light in the art that was focused around Jesus!).
Kristi also suggested to use finger lights!  Use them to conduct the beat or to create actions.  Find more on using finger lights HERE.

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