No Singing Time on Easter Sunday


In case you aren’t already aware, there is no singing time on Easter Sunday.  That means no Singing time 2 weeks in a row.  First General Conference directly followed by Easter.  But if you plan your singing time in April accordingly, you have nothing to worry about!

Camille's Primary Ideas: No Singing Time on Easter Sunday

The First Presidency’s directive for Easter Sunday is Sacrament meetings only, with a Christ-centered focus.  More details are in this Church News article HERE.  It states:

To commemorate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will conduct only sacrament meetings in wards and branches on Easter Sunday, April 9, with worship services — including messages and music — to center on the Savior.

So enjoy the day off of singing time!  Instead, spend it with your family while reflecting on the Savior’s death, crucifixion and miraculous atonement!

Other Easter Celebrations

On Easter Sunday, make sure to check out all these Easter celebrations available through the Tabernacle Choir:

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  • Easter with the Tabernacle Choir Playlists
  • Stream Prior Choir Easter Performances
  • Find Inspirational Easter Videos about Jesus Christ
  • Additional Choir Easter Music, Video, and Performance Resources

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Don't Get Behind in Singing Time

Make sure you fit everything in during April with no second hour meetings!  Check out April’s 2023 Singing Time To-Go.  You won’t miss a beat because the entire month is already mapped out for you.  Find more details HERE here.

Camille's Primary Ideas: April 2023 Singing Time To-Go

What's Your Singing Time Preference?

Would you prefer to have singing time on Easter Sunday or are you welcoming the 2-week break?  And do you think this is the new norm for Easter Sunday like it has become for Christmas Sunday?  Leave a comment with your thoughts as I’d love to hear!

I think I’m really looking forward to the break.  I mean, how often does that happen??


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4 thoughts on “No Singing Time on Easter Sunday”

  1. Our stake is holding Stake Conference in April so that means three Sundays of no Singing Time in April. I’m not sure how to handle less time to teach the songs. I understand the reason for Easter Sunday being Sacrament Mtg only but I also feel disappointed. I absolutely love being with the children!

    1. That IS so hard! On the bright side, at least there are 5 Sundays in April so you still have 2 other Sundays. I’d definitely focus on your song for April and then reviewing what you’ve learned for the year.

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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

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Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!

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