Co-Chorister Singing Time Ideas & Tips


Does your ward have more than one Primary music leader?  How do you work together to make it a successful partnership?  Check out these co-chorister singing time ideas to successfully share the workload in singing time!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Co-Chorister Singing Time Ideas

Having a co-chorister may be a dream come true!  Share the workload with someone else!  Get a few weeks off to attend Relief Society and Sunday School.  And not to mention, an automatic substitute!

This topic often surfaces on the Primary Music Leader’s Facebook page.  Some may consider having co-chorister a burden.  While others appreciate the much-needed support!

No matter the category you fall into, these ideas, tips and tricks will help you have a successful experience when sharing the Primary music leader calling!

What is a Co-Chorister?

Let’s start by answering what a co-chorister is.  A co-chorister, also known as a co-Primary music leader or Primary music leader assistant is when 2 or more people share the Primary music leader calling in the same ward.

Maybe you are a husband and wife duo who share the calling together.  Or maybe you simply need some help in singing time like a singing time assistant.  Perhaps your ward is looking to fill more callings so calling 2 or more as Primary music leader is necessary.

Whatever your situation may be, there are things you can do to have multiple Primary music leaders work well together!

Benefits of having 2 Primary Music Leaders

If you work with someone else, that means you may rotate Sundays.  If that’s the case, you get the opportunity to attend Relief Society and Sunday School on the Sunday’s you don’t teach.

But then maybe both of you are to remain in singing time simply to support when the other is teaching.  Extra hands are always useful and needed when teaching singing time!

It’s also nice to bounce ideas off of someone else.  This Primary music leader calling can be isolating.  No one else in the ward teaches the gospel to children all set to music!  How nice to have someone else who understands the workload involved!

Let’s not mention the added benefit of an instant substitute!  Never worry about not having a substitute when you are out of town or sick.

Coordinating is a Must

The biggest hurdle to overcome when having 2 Primary music leaders is determining who is going to do what.  Who leads the Primary program? Or when the Primary sings in sacrament meeting during other times of the year?

Do you substitute for each other or do you ask someone else entirely?  And who handles singing time in nursery?  When you are not teaching, do you go to Relief Society and Sunday School, or do you remain in Primary to assist?

These are all great questions to ask each other and your Primary president when first getting started.  Consider sitting down with the Primary presidency to put a plan in place.

Coordinating and communicating with each other is key if all parties involved are going to work successfully together!

How to Split Singing Time Responsibilities

There are several methods for deciding how to split singing time responsibilities.  Here are some ideas for rotating with multiple Primary music leaders: 

Rotate Monthly

Each of you teaches every other month.  When you teach, you are in charge of the teaching any or all of 3 songs for that month, holiday & seasonal songs and reviewing for the upcoming program.

Come the program, you lead the songs that you taught during the year.

This rotation appears to be the simplest to implement and the most common.  It also contains the least amount of coordinating with each other.

Rotate Every 2 Weeks

Each of you teaches every 2 weeks then rotates.  With this rotation, it may be easiest to decide which song will be included in the program ahead of time.  Then both of you teach that month’s song when it’s your turn to teach.

Then optionally each of you incorporate one of the other two suggested songs.   You may also rotate who reviews for the program with singing something seasonal/holiday related.

This option may take a little more coordinating to implement.  But this will allow each of you to attend Relief Society and Sunday School on your weeks off.

Rotate Every Other Week

Each of you teaches 1 week then rotates.  Similarly to rotating every 2 weeks, decide which song will be included in the program ahead of time.

Then decide which weeks the program songs are taught in conjunction with reviewing for the program and singing holiday/seasonal songs.

This is probably best if both of you plan to remain in Primary while the other is teaching.  You will want to know what happened the previous week so you can plan accordingly.

You may consider creating a monthly plan that both of you agree too.  This way both of you are on the same page and know what needs to be taught each Sunday.

Split Jr. & Sr.

This method works great if your Primary has Jr. and Sr. Primaries.  And especially if both Primaries are quite large.  Each of you teaches every Sunday but only one teachers Jr. Primary while the other only teaches Sr. Primary.

It allows each of you to cater your lesson plans more toward the ages you teach.  Again, you will need to work together to ensure you teach the same songs for the program.  Then determine who will lead those songs in the program.

Singing Time Assistant

This method is where one person mainly teaches in singing time.  Then a Primary music leader assistant helps with any of the following:

  • opening/closing exercises
  • passing out and collecting singing time supplies
  • singing time in nursery
  • substituting
  • set up and clean up
  • writing on the board
  • gather and collect singing time supplies
  • maintain reverence

Piano/Primary Music Leader Combo

If both play the piano, rotate between playing the piano and teaching singing time.  Obviously this only works if both called as Primary music leader play the piano.

Then decide how to split responsibilities using several of the methods listed above.

More Co-Chorister Ideas

This question has been asked on the Primary Music Leaders Facebook group several times:

There may be a suggestion that is exactly the right fit for your Primary!

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How Do You Handle Co-Chorister Responsibilities?

Do you love having a co-chorister and have experience that works for you?  Leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions with a co-chorister or 2 Primary music leaders!

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  1. Hi Camille, thank you for all of your fabulous ideas. I’m wondering where I find the words for all the songs that you hang on the music stand? That is such a good idea.
    Thanks again,
    Debra Hunter

    1. Hi Debra!

      All the words to post are located on the “Posting Words” page. To find that, navigate up to the top menu to the “Index” tab. Under that dropdown menu is the “Posting Words” page. Here’s the direct link as well:

      I hope that helps! I LOVE posting the words over my music stand!


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