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Is your Primary prepared to sing in your ward’s upcoming children’s sacrament meeting presentation? Do this by reviewing your Primary songs in singing time several weeks prior. Try any one of these program review activities to get your Primary ready to sing!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Program Singing Time Review Activities

Review of Primary Program Songs

The children’s sacrament meeting presentation is more commonly known as the Primary program.  More details about this presentation are found in the Church handbook where it states:

The presentation should allow the children to present what they and their families have learned from the New Testament at home and in Primary, including the Primary songs they have sung during the year.

This last phrase is where you come in as the Primary music leader!  All year you’ve learned songs to sing in the Primary program.  Now it’s time to review these songs so they can be committed to memory and shared with your ward.

So how do you review all these songs without getting bored and burned out?  How many weeks prior should you practice these songs?

This is where it’s helpful to have a Primary program review activity!  I suggest reviewing about 4 weeks  prior to your Primary program using one singing time activity!

Here is a list of such singing time Primary program review activities!  Some are posters, some can be printed at home.  Find something your Primary will enjoy for the few weeks leading up to your Primary program!

1. A Journey Through the Old Testament

This singing time Primary program review activity is perfect for reviewing for the Old Testament!  Find more details HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Journey Through the Old Testament Primary Presentation Singing Time A

2. The Restoration Review

If you are reviewing for a Doctrine & Covenants year, check out The Restoration Review singing time review activity!

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Restoration Review Weeks 1 & 2

3. Stories of Jesus Review

Learn more about the stories of Jesus as you review for a New Testament year.  Stories of Jesus New Testament Singing Time Review is wonderful!

4. Come Follow Me

Or place fish in the net as you review for your Primary program with this Come Follow Me I Will Make You Fishers of Men poster!

5. Treasure Hunt

Go on a treasure hunt with this Primary songs are a treasure singing time review poster!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Treasure Map Program Review Singing Time Lesson Plan

6. "Chews" the Right

What kid doesn’t love bubble gum?  Try this “Chews” the Right” singing time review activity that incorporates bubble gum machines!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Chews the Right Primary Program Review Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

7. Road Trip

Or take your Primary on  a road trip review as your prepare for your Primary program!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Road Trip Review Primary Program Review Activity

8. The Song Hospital

If your songs are sick and in need of a hospital, try this song hospital singing time review activity.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Song Hospital primary program singing time review activity

9. Primary Program Report Card

Grade your Primary’s songs with a Primary Primary program report card!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Program Report Card singing time lesson plan review activity

10. What Shape are our Songs in?

Find out what shape your songs are in with this Primary program singing time review activity!

Camille's Primary Ideas: What Shape Are Our Songs In Primary Program Review Activity

11. Ribbon Review Box

All kids LOVE presents!  Have them gradually open up a ribbon review gift box as they perfect their songs for the program.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Ribbon Review Box singing time program review activity

More Primary Program Review Ideas Shared By You

Olivia shared her Blast Off to our Primary Program that uses rockets! So fun!!

This is our song tracker that I will hang up each week so the kids can see which songs they have down and which ones they need to work on.

Primary Program Blast Off singing time review

Jori shared her Racing to the Primary Program review activity that looks fun!

The flat tire means they really don’t know it and we need to get the pit crew in, the small puff is better, big puff is zooming toward the the finish line, and the 🏆 obviously means they have the song down. I’ll keep pulling it out to keep them motivated. If we get all the songs to the finish line, we’ll have a little prize. I plan to do lip warm ups for start your engines, and I have a flag on a stick and cones from dog training, so I’ll have a few props.

Wendi posted a Magic Singing Oven that looks as good to eat as it is to do!
I will choose a child to pick an ingredient, read the correlation to a gospel doctrine, and then sing a song to go along. Once all the ingredients are in the oven (still in containers), I’ll tell the kids it would be a miracle for these ingredients to come together and make something. We’ll sing The Miracle, and magically I’ll pull out a bowl with cookies already made and in ziploc baggies! This is my thank you to them for a program well done!

Or Build-An-Aquarium Dee created! She said:

Each of the fish/fern and chest has one of our sacrament meeting primary program songs on the back and/or a way to sing, such as girls only etc … In order to add these pieces to our aquarium… They have to be able to sing the song very well. Once our aquarium is fully built… We will be ready for the sacrament program and we will have goldfish crackers and gummy fish.

You’re a Poppin’ Good Singer shared by Janel! She said:

Each song has a bag as they practice they earn popcorn (cotton balls sprayed yellow) for how well they sing. The idea is for them to fill the bag for each song. On the day of the program they will get popcorn as a treat.

Let’s Make our Music POP shared by Jamie! She said:

Every time they sing the song with no mistakes it will move one dot closer to the bucket until they are all “Fully ‘POPPED’ & Ready for the Program!

What activities are you doing for your Review of Primary Songs?

What singing time review activities are you doing to prepare for your upcoming program?  Leave a comment and share!

More Help for Your Primary Program

Then make sure to check out more help for your Primary program here.

Camille's Primary Ideas: How to Prepare for the Primary Program singing time ideas

After-the-Program Ideas & Helps

Also find singing time ideas for after your Primary program HERE!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Easy Singing Time Ideas for After the Program

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  1. Hi! I'm new to primary music this year, and your website has really really helped! I love these review ideas! Thank you for taking time to create and post your ideas!

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