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You may notice a recurring theme for teaching The Holy Ghost in singing time … simplified ASL.  However, if signing isn’t your thing, check out these other singing time ideas for teaching The Holy Ghost.

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Holy Ghost singing time ideas

Gift of the Holy Ghost

I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face … but one of the BEST ways to teach about something intangible is to link it to something tangible!  And what better way to describe the the Holy Ghost than to compare it to a physical gift!

This post HERE introduces The Holy Ghost using a gift.  Then it teaches simple sign langue.  I love the signs associated with this song as they provide such a great visual!

And don’t skip using scarves!  They add such a neat dynamic, especially with the sign for “spirit.”

Camille's Primary Ideas: Using Scarves for Movement

MORE Simplified ASL

If you want a specialist on ASL, however, you need Holly!  I love her demonstration videos with the “why” behind the sign.

Her signs follow closely along with the church’s ASL for this song:

Find more tips for teaching sign language in singing time HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Teach a Song using ASL, Signing in Singing Time Tips

The Friend

The Friend magazine has a simple idea HERE for teaching The Holy Ghost.  That idea states:

“The Holy Ghost” (p. 105), teaches us many things about the Holy Ghost. Sing the melody and clap the rhythm. Explain that just as the beat is constant, the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion. Invite them to clap the beat with you as you sing it again. Repeat again, this time inviting the children to hum the melody with you as they clap. Because each half of each verse teaches one of the missions of the Holy Ghost, teach the words in four sections. Write the main words of the first two lines on separate pieces of paper (Christ, earth, promised, send, Holy Ghost, comfort). Sing that much of the song as you direct the children to listen for one thing the Holy Ghost does for us. Take responses. As you sing it again, invite two or three children to post the words in order. Sing that much of the song with the children over and over, removing words until they know it. Learn the rest of the words by repeating this process.

For younger children: Use GAK pictures or simple drawings mounted on colored paper to illustrate the words. Have them already posted in order on the board, removing them as the children learn the words.

A Children's Songbook Companion

A Children’s Songbook Companion contains a singing time lesson plan for every single song in the Children’s Songbook including The Holy Ghost.  More details on this book can be found HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Holy Ghost singing time ideas

Access this in my Resource Library.  Instructions for accessing my Resource Library are found at the bottom of this post.

Sharla Dance

Sharla Dance has this fun Cup Bop rhythm pattern that is super simple because it’s so repetitive.  But it will keep your kids challenged as they keep up!  As the pattern is learned, try speeding up the song to increase the challenge!

More Singing Time Ideas

Primary Singing has 12 singing time ideas for teaching The Holy Ghost.

As does LDS Primary Printables.

Leave your The Holy Ghost Singing Time Ideas

How are you teaching The Holy Ghost in singing time?  Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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