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Each Primary child should know they can turn to the scriptures to receive answers to their questions and feel the spirit. These Search, Ponder, and Pray Primary singing time ideas help convey this gospel message in quite literal ways!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Search, Ponder and Pray singing time ideas

Kids love solving a good puzzle!  The searching activity involves children solving puzzles as they search for answers found in the song.  It’s my favorite way to teach Search, Ponder, and Pray.

Teach the Primary song, Search, Ponder, and Pray using these various singing time methods (click on the link to jump to that section):

  1. Searching Activity
  2. A Children’s Songbook Companion
  3. Handbells
  4. Sharla Dance
  5. Simplified ASL

The history of Search Ponder and Pray

This information comes from Stories from The Children’s Songbook by Sister Pat Graham (more information on that book HERE).

Jadyn Milne [author] enjoys writing as a hobby and has collaborated with her friend, Carol Black [composer]. One of their compositions, “The Miracle of America,” was performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC at the nation’s bicentennial celebration.

Their song, “Search, Ponder and Pray,” won the children’s song category of the 1986 Church Music Contest, and was printed in the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation that year.

The words teach what to do to gain a testimony, and the music causes a warm feeling when singing it. That is an example of the songbook preface statement, “As you sing, you may feel good inside. The Holy Ghost gives you warm feelings to help you understand that the words and messages of the songs are true.”

Sister Milne believes that Heavenly Father is always near. As a young child, she remembers being made well almost immediately after priesthood blessings. She attended Dixie Jr. and Weber State Colleges and has been successful in turning her writing hobby into published songs.

Sister Black began serving in the Church as the Primary pianist when she was twelve. When Primary was held after school, she would run from school to the Church to begin playing prelude music for the children as they entered the chapel.

She said, “My parents provided me with the opportunity of taking piano lessons, but I have had no formal training in music theory or composition. I do, however, possess a great love for good music and a testimony of its influence in our lives.”  She has been composing at the request of Sister Milne since 1985.

Search Ponder and Pray Lyrics

Find the sheet music to Search, Ponder, and Pray on the Church’s website.  The lyrics describe how reading the scriptures helps us feel the spirit and know more about Heavenly Father:

1. I love to read the holy scriptures, And, ev’ry time I do, I feel the Spirit start to grow within my heart- A testimony that they’re true.

[Chorus] Search, ponder, and pray Are the things that I must do. The Spirit will guide, and, deep inside, I’ll know the scriptures are true.

2. So, prayerfully I’ll read the scriptures Each day my whole life through. I’ll come to understand. I’ll heed the Lord’s command And live as he would have me do.

Search, Ponder, and Pray Flipchart

Find Search, Ponder, and Pray lyrics in a printable flip chart format so you can easily post the words in your Primary!

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

Ideas for Teaching Search Ponder and Pray

1. Searching Activity

Camille's Primary Ideas Singing Time Lesson Plan for teaching Search, Ponder and Pray

Keep your Primary engaged with these various searching activities! Multiple options are available to cater toward younger and older Primary children including:  

  • Keyword Searching
  • Melody Map
  • Phrase Chart
  • Decipher the Code
  • Scripture Match-up

Even better, all the activities can be modified to fit both groups if need be!

2. A Children's Songbook Companion

A Children’s Songbook Companion contains a singing time lesson plan for every single song in the Children’s Songbook including Search, Ponder, and Pray.  More details on this book can be found HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Search, Ponder, and Pray singing time ideas

Download the Free Search, Ponder, and Pray Singing Time Printables

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3. Teach Search, Ponder, and Pray with Handbells

Merry Bells Primary Sing Along DVD

Merry Bells has handbell charts for Search, Ponder, and Pray. There are several options to choose from:

  • Play Along DVD Primary Songs HERE
  • Digital Download Multi-Note Harmony HERE
  • Digital Download Single-Note Melody HERE
  • Printable Handbell Charts HERE

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4. Sharla Dance

Camille's Primary Ideas Meets Sharla Dance

Sharla Dance has SEVERAL activities for Search, Ponder, and Pray

5. Search Ponder and Pray Sign Language

Holly also has videos available for teaching Search, Ponder, and Pray using simplified ASL.  Check out her explanation video here:

Once you have the signs learned, sign along here:

Then make sure to check out my post for more helpful tips for teaching sign language in singing time!

Leave your Search, Ponder, and Pray Singing Time Ideas

How are you teaching Search, Ponder, and Pray in singing time?  Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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These printables are filed on my Resource Library page under Song Title > Search, Ponder, and Pray.


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