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With no lesson plan to prepare for this weekend, work on a singing time project you’ve been meaning to tackle but haven’t had time for!  And these General Conference singing time sales are just the jump start you need to begin those projects!

Camille's Primary Ideas: General Conference Singing Time Sale in shop

I love to have a good singing time project that lets me listen to General Conference while I work!  Busy hands keep me from dozing off {please tell me I’m not alone!}

Such projects include creating a singing time music bag, or a Wiggle Worm Jar.  Or creating rhythm instruments such as pool noodles, egg shakers, ribbon wands and more!

This year, I’ll be cutting out my wiggle worms and attaching them to craft sticks!  I’ve been waiting to finish this project during General Conference!!

Camille's Primary Ideas General Conference SHOP Sale

All the digital printables and workshops in my shop are 30% off until Monday, April 8th! 

So prep up for singing time by purchasing these items while they’re on sale (click on the item to jump to that section below):

  1. Wiggle Worm Printable
  2. 2024 Digital Playlist
  3. Temple Printables
  4. Zero to Little Prep Singing Time Ideas Booklet
  5. 2024 Singing Time Planner Printable
  6. My Christmas Primary Songbook
  7. Singing Time Clock Printable
  8. Song List
  9. Secret Code Baptism Printable (customized item)
  10. 2024 Workshop replay

**Note that all these items are included with a Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM membership!  Check out more details for joining member here:

1. Wiggle Worm Jar

If you have a wiggly Primary, try a wiggle worm singing time jar!  Use it for transition time, to break up an activity or for when you have extra time in singing time!  You Primary will love being told to wiggle!

2. 2024 Book of Mormon Digital Playlist

Gift your Primary a Book of Mormon 2024 Digital Playlist printable for Christmas! It’s an inexpensive, meaningful and useful gift your Primary kids are sure to love all year long! Find it in my shop:

3. Temple Printables

If you love Susan Fitch’s artwork, you’ll LOVE these Temple Printables that contain her artwork that’s available no where else!  Add these to create a singing time music bag perfect for singing time and/or nursery!

4. Booklet Printable

This 18-page booklet is the printable version of my post.  It also includes several of the printables mentioned. Find it in my shop:

5. 2024 Singing Time Planner

New this year is an editable singing time planner!  Check out my 2024 Singing Time Planner printable post with more details.  Find it in my shop:

6. My Christmas Primary Songbook

Purchase this printable to display all the Christmas Primary songs in the Children’s Songbook.  It’s perfect to use as a flip chart!  Or print it and give it as a Christmas gift to your Primary children! Find it in my shop:

7. Singing Time Clock Printable

Keep track of time in primary by using this singing time clock printable! Primary presidencies, primary music leaders, pianists and primary teachers will all benefit!  More details can be found HERE or find it in my shop:

8. Song List Printable

Camille's Primary Ideas: Song List Printable

Add this song list to your music bag!  You’ll always have a singing time activity ready to go!  It’s perfect for nursery and at home too!

9. Secret Code Baptism Printable

Camille's Primary Ideas: Secret Code LDS Baptism Gift Idea for girls and boys

Order a secret code baptism gift for all your Primary children getting baptized in 2024!  This is a customized gift they are sure to treasure for years to come!

10. 2024 Workshop Replay

Purchase the VIP 2024 Singing Time Workshop replay for unlimited access until November 2024.

Singing Time Supplies

Check out this list of singing time supplies I HIGHLY suggest every Primary music leader have at his/her disposal!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Best Singing Time Office Supplies for primary music leaders

Then while you’re at it, stock up on singing time office supplies too!  You can thank me later ;).

What singing time project are you working on during General Conference?

I’d love to hear what projects you’ll be working on as you listen to General Conference this weekend!  Leave a comment with your ideas.


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Be prepared in singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

Recommended singing time supplies:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Easter Sing-a-Story Primary Singing Time Ideas

Easter Sing-A-Story

Children love a good book and will enjoy reading and singing this singing time Easter Sing-A-Story!  Tell the Easter Story with Easter Primary songs and beautiful artwork!

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Singing time just got even easier!  With my Singing Time To-Go, all you have to do is print!  Be prepared for the entire month – every month!

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