Summer of Chimes


Gear up for a summer of chimes in singing time! Join in on the fun to celebrate the pioneers all summer long!  And make sure to order a set of chimes for your Primary while they’re on SALE for a limited time only!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Summer of Chimes Singing Time Ideas

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I LOVE celebrating the pioneers in singing time during the summertime with chimes!  Something about playing pioneer Primary songs with an old fashioned instrument seems so fitting!

Makes me want to sit around a camp fire singing songs, enjoying a summer evening.

Did the Pioneers Really Play Chimes?

I did a little research and didn’t find anything that says they used chimes.  Someone please prove me wrong!! That said, I didn’t find anything that said they didn’t! 😉

In my search, however, I landed on this article entitled The Gift of Music .  It talks a little bit about music and the pioneers.  Definitely a fun read!

If you have any stories to share about pioneers and music, leave a comment!

It's Summer Chime

So to help honor our pioneer heritage, why not play pioneer Primary songs using an old fashioned instrument like pipe chimes?

So make this summer a summer of chimes in YOUR singing time!

If you are unfamiliar with using chimes, this post goes into more details about using chimes in singing time.  Including modifying them so you can use the same note charts as handbells!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Chimes for Singing Time

TONS of my summer posts are geared around chimes!  So make sure you plan ahead and get your Primary a set of chimes!

Musical Pipes

Camille's Primary Ideas: use chimes from Musical Pipes during your singing time lesson plan

My favorite supplier of chimes for singing time is Musical Pipes!  They include:

  • pre-made 20-note set of chimes
  • carrying bag instructions
  • labels to use
  • playing tips and tricks for playing with kids of all ages
Chime in the fun and visit Musical Pipes today!”

Use coupon code CPI2024 at checkout and get 10% off your entire order!!

Coupon is only valid 05/15/24 – 06/30/24 so don’t delay!

Demonstration Video

Check out this video for more details on using chimes in singing time:

You can also find this video for using chimes in singing time on my YouTube channel.  I’d love it if you’d like and subscribe!

Pioneer Primary Activity

Our Primary loves to throw a pioneer themed Saturday activity in the summer! We bring in chimes along with several other various pioneer activities

Camille's Primary Ideas: Pioneer Singing Time Ideas

Chime & Handbell Charts

Make sure to check out all the chime and handbell charts I’ve created.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Big list of Handbell Note Charts singing time ideas

Does your Primary use chimes?

I’d love to hear how your Primary uses chimes!  Leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions.


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4 thoughts on “Summer of Chimes”

  1. I wanted to use chimes in our program this fall by playing the chorus of one of our songs. I decided to do the chorus of Always Remember. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. So, I made a poster and the senior primary will play the chorus after we sing it and then sing it again after the chimes, I’m so glad I saw your suggestion about the Musical Pipes site. They are so nice to work with,

    1. Hi Karen!

      That sounds like it will be wonderful in your program!! The chimes are sure fun, I’m sure your kids will enjoy them. And yes, Musical Pipes is a great company to work with. HIGHLY recommend them!!


  2. Do you have any charts for using the chimes in chords? I like to use the chords for some musical numbers. I like the sound they give.

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