The Power of Primary Songs Liahona Article


The June 2024 Liahona featured an article relating to singing time entitled The Power of Primary Songs.  It’s a great read for anyone serving as the Primary music leader in their ward!

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Power of Primary Songs Liahona article

If you missed this article, it’s probably because it’s only featured as digital only.  But don’t worry, I found it for you so you’re sure not to miss it!

The overview of the article is:

My daughter’s experience at a nursing home helped me realize the broad reach that Primary music can have to bless the life of every person.

And how many of you can relate to the author when she says that,

For the first month of my calling, I dreaded that part of Sunday [singing time] because I didn’t feel qualified.

But my favorite part of the article is when the author talks about how the only thing that would calm a resident was when her daughter sang her Primary songs. 

It had such a positive effect that the daughter taught other staff members the Primary songs too!  Talk about an amazing missionary effort!!

Anyway, make sure to check out the full article!

Blessings of Primary Songs

The bottom of the article references the preface of the Children’s Songbook and how these blessings can touch the lives of children, youth, and adults in your life:

“As you sing you may feel good inside. The Holy Ghost gives you warm feelings to help you understand that the words and messages in the songs are true. You can learn about the gospel in this way, and your testimony will grow as you learn.

You will remember more easily what you have learned when you sing about it. The melody of a song helps you remember the words and also brings the feeling of the song to your heart. …

Once you know the songs, they can be with you always (like good friends) to help you make right choices and be happy. …

Someday you will be leaders of the Church and of the world. What you learn from these songs will help you to be faithful and to serve righteously.

The good feelings the songs bring will give you happiness and courage and will help you to remember that you are children of God.

It’s a great reminder of the importance Primary songs!  And even more so, the importance of our calling to ensure these children learn these songs so the songs can bless them throughout their lives!

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