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All Singing Time Posts:

Wands for singing time

Ribbon Wands

These colorful ribbon wands create great movement for wiggly primary kids.  I love to incorporate them into various singing time lesson plans as they are so versatile!

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Wands for singing time

Ribbon Wands

One of my absolute favorite props for singing time are ribbon wands! I use them in several lesson plans through the year (find all my

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Lucky vs. Blessed St. Patrick's Day singing time idea

Lucky vs. Blessed

I have always wanted to do a Lucky vs. Blessed singing time idea around St. Patrick’s Day after seeing this post HERE.  My version is

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day singing time idea

Conversation Hearts

This conversation hearts singing time idea is perfect to use around Valentine’s Day!  It relates the fun verbiage found on conversation hearts to a primary

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Camille's Primary Ideas Music Bag Starter Kit

Music Bag Starter Kit

This is the best starter kit for any primary music leader, nursery music leaders and families who want to sing more primary songs!!  You always have a singing time or family home evening lesson plan ready to go!

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Resource Library

RESOURCE LIBRARY Here is a list of all my free singing time lesson plan printables alphabetized by song title or by category title.  If you

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Lesson Plans

LESSON PLANS Here’s an index of all the singing time lesson plans I have posted throughout my website categorized alphabetically by song title and by

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New Singing Time Leader?

I can help you make it easy!

New Primary Music Leader?

I’ll send you all my well-organized resources for new primary leaders!

Make singing time

Let me plan your singing time for next month.  Get organized and save time using this done for you planner

It is simple and it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.