A Children’s Songbook Companion is a complete singing time resource that is NOW available exclusively on Camille’s Primary Ideas!  Sister Pat Graham reached out informing me that A Children’s Songbook Companion will no longer be published.  But she wants its content to still be accessible.

I was delighted {and flattered} when she asked if Camille’s Primary Ideas would host and share its content here!  With Sister Graham’s permission, A Children’s Songbook Companion can be downloaded.  And the best part is it’s completely FREE!

If you know me, you know how much I love this resource!  When I create singing time lesson plans, this is a go-to resource.  It sparks ideas or I intersperse the material into something.

A Children's Songbook Companion picture of Pat Graham and Camille Hill

If you are unfamiliar with this resource, A Children’s Songbook Companion contains a singing time lesson for EVERY single primary song in the Children’s Songbook published in 1987!  The entire book went through church correlation even though it was never published by the church.

When A Children’s Songbook Companion was ready to be published, the church changed its policy and would no longer publish church material that could not be easily translated and used worldwide.

So instead, the compilers of the book, including Pat Graham, published it themselves.  Sister Graham has written her permission to share this book with Camille’s Primary Ideas HERE.  In addition she’s added a back story of how each book was written.

Download A Children's Songbook Companion

A Children's Songbook Companion picture of Pat Graham and Camille Hill

Individual lesson plans are available in my Resource Library under its song title.  You can receive access to my Resource Library by joining here: 

Or I’ve divided the book into downloadable sections because it’s quite large:

Title, Content, Authors

Camille's Primary Ideas: A Children's Songbook Companion Digital Copy

Download the Title, Content and About the Authors section HERE.

Teaching Children through Music

Download Teaching Children through Music section HERE.

My Heavenly Father

Download My Heavenly Father section HERE.

The Savior

Download The Savior section HERE.

The Gospel

Download The Gospel section HERE.

Home & Family

Download Home & Family section HERE.


Download Heritage section HERE.

Nature & Seasons

Download Nature & Seasons section HERE.

Fun & Activity

Download Fun & Activity section HERE.

Glossary & Index

Download Glossary & Index section HERE.

A Children's Songbook Companion Artbook

Camille's Primary Ideas: A Children's Songbook Companion Artbook Cover

Also available it A Children’s Songbook Companion Artbook.  It contains enlarged images found in The Children’s Songbook Companion.  Download the entire book HERE.

Again, all the individual lesson plans are available in my Resource Library under its song title.

Stories of the Children's Songbook

As mentioned in Sister Graham’s history, she also wrote Stories of the Children’s Songbook.  It is a compilation of talks she gave that contain details of her wonderful musical journey, in addition to what she learned about each song.

Stories of Children's Songbook Companion by Pat Graham

This book is also available to download and is broken down into sections:


Download the Introduction section HERE.

A History of Primary & Children's Music

Download A History of Primary and Children’s Music section HERE.

The Preparation of the 1989 Children's Songbook

Download The Preparation of the 1989 Children’s Songbook section HERE.

Stories about Primary Songs & the People Who Wrote Them

Download Stories about Primary Songs and the People Who Wrote Them sections HERE and HERE (this section is quite large so it’s divided into 2 downloads).


Download the Appendix section HERE.

Sing Out!

If you didn’t know, Sister Graham is a composer, having written 5 songs in The Children’s Songbook.  Also available to download is Sister’s Graham’s book entitled Sing Out! which contains children’s songs for special occasions.

Sing Out! features children’s songs with actions, visual aids, and many performance notes to give you ideas and themes for programs.

The songs and aids were created to give you confidence in teaching, and to provide positive experiences for children.

The messages are appropriate for pre-school and elementary classrooms, and family or church programs.  The intent is to emphasize good character qualities, and to develop a child’s self-image through success in music.

Songs in this booklet include:

  • Hearts Like Doors
  • Stand Up for America
  • Spring in Every Color
  • Lucky for Me
  • That’s My Mother
  • A Grandmother to Love You
  • Someone that I Love
  • My Thanksgiving
  • Feelings Matter
  • Picture a Christmas (the original, a preface to the one in the songbook)
  • Sing Out!
  • Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart!

Download Sing Out! HERE.

Pat Graham Workshops

Camille's Primary Ideas: Pat Graham Workshop

I attended Pat Graham’s workshops for YEARS!  You can find my notes and details on all her workshops HERE.  I also have a recording (made with permission) of one of her workshops.  Those videos are linked in this post HERE.

Thank You Sister Graham!

A HUGE thank you to Sister Pat Graham who is so gracious to share her musical talent and knowledge!  Because of her service, primary children worldwide are able to gain a stronger testimony of the gospel through music!

Sister Graham would LOVE to hear from you!  If you have time, send her a quick email.  Just contact me using the form below and I’ll get you her email address.

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