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I’m Camille. I was first called to be a Primary Music Leader in 2008. I’ve petitioned for this calling in a few wards we’ve lived in since then and received it every time (I’m guessing it’s hard to fill)! It’s definitely my favorite place to be on Sundays. If you are not quite feeling the same way, you have come to the right place – I’m here to hopefully help you LOVE this calling!!

Picture of Camille a Singing time chorister

I’ve been able to teach all of my 6 kids during singing time and nursery on Sundays and have LOVED it! In addition to teaching my own kids, I’ve come to enjoy sharing my testimony with all of my primary kids each week through music. If you notice, we are the only person to teach EVERY Primary aged child, EVERY Sunday! Pretty amazing! But that can be a lot of pressure to have a lesson each week geared toward the brand sunbeam old up to an eye-rolling, 11-year old. But that’s where I come in…

My main goal with this blog is to post weekly lesson plans so other music leaders can simply implement them into their own primaries.  Join my email list to gain access to my free printables and other random items that may pop up with this calling!

You can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and subscribe to my YouTube channel:

At the top of my website are several “tabs” I’ve created (that apparently you have found if you are reading this!) that I feel will be the most beneficial to you.  Here are a few more details about those tabs:

New Music Leaders: If you are new to this calling start here.

Shop: If I’m being biased, this is my favorite.  Find out where I purchase the supplies I recommend and use most with my lesson plans.

Index tab: This will help you navigate through my website.  Use the drop-down!

  • Posting words: This is a tool I use that saves me from singing solos and gets more kids and teachers singing
  • Review activities: This is a list of my go-to activities to review any songs(s)
  • Lesson plans: Easily find what I have posted over the years throughout my blog all organized by song titles and categories.

Take a look around!  If I can be of further assistance, contact me through the  “Contact” tab above or by leaving a comment anywhere, anytime and I’ll respond as soon as I can.  Hopefully there’s something here that can help with your awesome calling!

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59 thoughts on “About”

  1. Avatar

    odd place for questions, but I couldn't think of a better place to put it:) do you have any good ideas on how to teach feliz cumpilanos? I want my kids to learn it, but it seams a bit tricky with the languages. and not spend a whole singing time on it?
    Anything would be helpful

    1. Avatar

      Hi Eliza,

      You can comment anywhere and I'll find it – we sing this in Primary and I've never taught it – I just belt it out with the words posted. The kids are still slowly getting it but it's definitely coming along. I did just pull out "A Children's Songbook Companion" book and there's a pretty simple way of presenting the song there. I don't want to infringe on copyright otherwise I'd just give you the whole lesson plan. But in a nutshell, there are cards with Happy Birthday written in the languages along with a picture of children dressed in that country. You pass them out randomly and try to have them put back in order – repeating the foreign words. I hope you have a copy of this book! They go in way better detail than I just have!

      Good luck!


  2. Avatar

    Hi Cammile,
    I had to laugh because I have just been called to this postion in West Utah and don't know how to read music at all I do sing well because I have been in primary more than 20 years teaching which I do very well . ((But What was HF thinking singing time.))) Poor kids here have gone though 3 singing teachers in 6 months . They did a ward boundry change and since that time we have had 3 singing teacher. I do not want to be the 4 gone. So I am looking for all the help I can get and to know what really expected from me and I want the kids to love to come to Primary cause its so fun.
    We do have some problems though many of the Children have AD,control problems and hearing problems and a very large primary. Not including a very large nursery with 10 children. So I am looking for stuff to entertain them as well as let them learn and keep problems down. Libiary won't let us look at Sister grams notes. I would have gone had I had this calling then.:(
    I also used to go to the Sherman Oaks ward in So Califoria when hubby and I lived there in the 90's was a great ward.
    I would be great if you can steer me to any fun stuff to help the kids
    Thanks so much Sister Haggart

  3. Avatar

    Hi, Camille! I am doing a Sharing Station at the upcoming BYU Women's Conference on Primary singing time. I am compiling a list of seasonal ideas & was wondering if I could use your St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt. I would of course provide you as the source & a link to the post. Please let me know if I have your permission &/or if you have any questions. My email is Thanks so much!

    1. Avatar

      Christie, I emailed you and never heard a reply back. I just hope you got my email. The answer is yes of course…I'm totally flattered! I also wanted to tell you that I have a Pioneer Day activity posted on the blog that was really popular if you're looking for things for Pioneer Day. It's the one that's combined with sharing time and includes making butter.


  4. Avatar


    Your blog awesome; thank you for all your cute ideas and posts that I've been able to use to help my toddler learn more of the primary songs at home. You're amazing!

    I just created a Book of Mormon Stories book for Toddlers and small children and wondered if I could send you a free copy to review on your blog? You do such a great job and I'd really value your opinion. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!

    Jessica Christiansen

    1. Avatar

      Hi Jessica,

      I can't figure out how to contact you. I've just added a "Contact Me" form above. Would you mind sending me your information there so we can communicate via email?


  5. Avatar

    I can't submit information on the Contact Me form. I'm not sure why. I'm sure it's because I am web illiterate. Anyway, I have a planner I would like to share:

    I have just posted my yearly planner. The direct link to the google docs document is:

    The link to my blog post is:

    And as always, you are AWESOME! Thanks so much for all the work you share with us!

  6. Avatar

    Hi Camille! Your site is amazing, and super helpful. I've found a number of KISS (keeping it simple silly) ideas from you. Thanks! I'm wondering if you've ever experienced a little resistance from older kids, and how you engage them without singling them out? You can email me directly at:

  7. Avatar

    I'm a new primary chorister and I am not crafty or imaginative. I love the sites, like yours, that make it so easy for me to prepare for singing time. I was wondering if you know of a link that has clip art that relates to the words to the primary songs. Instead of just putting up the words, I want to put up pictures.

  8. Avatar

    Camille, first off…you are amazing and I would be lost without your creativity and ideas. Thank you!! I would like to attempt teaching the primary kids Christmas Bells are Ringing. How do you teach the bells in the optional part (i'm blanking on the name…)? I get how to teach the kids how to play the bells along with the melody, but I'm at a loss. What did you do to teach that part?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Avatar

    I have been using a lot of your handbell ideas – love them! I want to use the bells for the chorus of Easter Hosanna pg 68. I cannot find any bell music for that and was hoping for a suggestion on how to write it myself. Thanks!

  10. Avatar

    Hi Camille-
    Thank you so much for your help with the handbell chart for Easter Hosanna. With the last minute request I was so excited when I opened your web page this morning and there it was! You are amazing! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again – I love all your ideas and willingness to share!


  11. Avatar

    Hi Camille!

    I love your blog! It has helped me feel more confident in my calling and more organized. I love all your ideas and willingness to share. I am thinking of starting a blog myself and wondered if you are self-hosted or if you just use a free blog format? If you are using a free blog service how do you have your own domain name?

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

  12. Avatar

    Hi Camille!
    I have had great success using the handbells in Primary. Thanks for all your suggestions & especially for "Easter Hosanna". I have used them at Easter, Sacrament Program and again at our ward Christmas party. The kids love them and so does our ward. I have used them for singing time using your bell chart to make my own for short songs like "Stand For The Right" and "Falling Down". I was wondering if you might be writing an obligato for "As A Child of God?" I would love to teach that for our Sacrament Program this year.


  13. Avatar

    HI Dena!

    I'm happy to hear the handbells have worked out for you. Unfortunately, I don't write music – just not a talent I was blessed with. If you posed that question on the Chorister's FB group, I'll bet there is someone talented enough to do that. You may just have to be cautious about infringing on copyright as well – although I don't know much about that area either. Sorry I'm not more help!


  14. Avatar

    Hey Camille, I'm new to this calling and not musical at all! I'm going to try to teach our Primary kids 'Christmas Day' (found in the Friend magazine) and 'I'd Sing You a Song'. Have you taught either one of these songs to your Primary kids? Each song has two parts, so I'd like to teach the older kids one part and the younger kids the other part for each. Thanks!

  15. Avatar

    Hey, Camille,
    You are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing so much with us.
    I am trying to make my own handbell songs. I notice on "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" that the circles are smaller and have the words written under them. I want to do something similar for myself. What program is this created in? I have printed off the master sheet and one set of circles, but what if I want to create this digitally? Also, if I do the "cut out the squares" method, it can take a lot longer to set up the cards. We don't have much time for set up. I cannot find the digital set up since I get these in .pdf format. Or am I just that technologically challenged?
    So, thanks for all you do for us Primary Music Leaders.

  16. Avatar

    Hi SueZ,

    I'm not sure where you found a note chart for "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" because I don't have that posted on my website…maybe it was another one you were looking at? If you created your own handbell charts from my "Make-Your-Own Handbell Chart" post, I'd suggest putting the chart all together before primary, either on a big poster board or on card stock. That would definitely take too long to create during singing time. I'm also not sure what you mean about the "digital set up."

    Sorry I'm not more help…


  17. Avatar

    Hi Camille!

    I've loved using all of the ideas in your blog. Thank you for all of your work!

    I have put links to many of your posts on this blog in the app we hope to be publishing by the end of this month. I hope it helps many choristers and brings many to your blog.

    You can view it here:

    I'm hoping to get feedback before it's' out. If you'd like to demo a copy I could email you one to try it out.



  18. Avatar

    I use so many of your ideas. Thank you so much for your help.
    I taught "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" with signing from your website. Now I can't find it and need to refresh my signing. Can you tell me where I can go to get your Utube with signing. She is so good. I used her for signing a song last year too.
    Thanks Cherie Lynn

  19. Avatar

    Hi Camille! I noticed that you laminate a lot of your props etc. where or how do you do that? Buy the self stick at Walmart? Go to Office Depot each time? I love having stuff laminated but I think it would get pretty expensive? -Lacee

  20. Avatar

    Hi Camille just wanted to say thank you for all your time and effort that you put into this. I have a quick question to ask you. I am currently a seminary teacher and I was using the map that you created. We are having a reading trek to encourage the youth to read. I found the second half of the map in the friend but I cannot seem to figure out 1. How did you convert it to a JPEG
    2. How did you get rid of the white boxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    3. How did you do it so that it could be printed out from home and then put together. I already printed out the first half and assembled it and then I came across the second half and I would like to do the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much

  21. Avatar

    If you copy and paste that first link into your browser I suggested above, it all pulls up for me. There are LOTS of suggestions there. I'm not sure what to tell you, except to maybe try a different browser. Sorry I'm not more help.


  22. Avatar

    Hi Camille, I found on my computer the ocd Christmas pictures for "This is the season…". I'm not quite how to share or if I should. These are the pictures you have pictured with the strings on them. I think I asked you for them. Anyway…Thank you for ALL of your amazing work and talent.

  23. Avatar

    Hi Kathy!

    I'm glad you found what you were looking for! I was able to find a way around getting the images off of the website and updated my post, but thank you for helping me get it corrected! It has helped many others too!!


  24. Avatar

    I just received this calling and have felt overwhelmed. Glad I was directed to your site. In all my searching, I saw a medley of the nativity song and silent night for primary to sing in sacrament. I now can’t seem to find it? I was hoping to do posting words for it. Have you ever seen a medley like this?

    1. Avatar

      One more question. We have a little soon to be sunbeam that is losing her hearing and I’m afraid she’s really not getting the songs and not feeling apart of things. (In nursery now). Any suggestions? I’ve thought if bringing an iPad with the church’s resources of ASL videos of songs, but not sure she knows ASL yet.

  25. Avatar

    Hi Kristi,

    If you can get me the lyrics to the medley, I'd be happy to add it. I haven't heard of the medley you are referencing.

    As for your primary with hearing loss, I'm not really sure I know how to help…my first thought would be to have the child sit on an adult's lap while you sing so she can at least feel the vibrations of the adult singing and the adult can help lead her movement which I would recommend doing lots of. I'd definitely have a chat with her parents as they probably know the best way to communicate with her and can give you more suggestions.


  26. Avatar

    I just moved into a small ward that has no music supplies. With the 2019 changes getting ready to happen the bishop and primary president has asked me to get the supplies I thought needed to help the children. I would love to get some bells and was wondering should I get an 8 bell set or something larger? We have maybe 40 kids in the primary. Also can you suggest some other supplies that we should order to keep on hand?

  27. Avatar

    I love everything you do! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas! I'm having a problem printing the Books and the Bookshelf. It looks like they are going to print, and then never do. I would love to have them this year, but not sure why I cant print them.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you!
    Barbera Piner

  28. Avatar

    Hi Barbera,

    Sorry you are having trouble. I know others have printed it fine so I'm not sure what to tell you. Have you tried printing other documents in addition to this one? Maybe try downloading the document first to your computer then try printing. If you send me your email address, I can email the file to you and maybe that will print for you.


  29. Avatar

    Hi! I love your blog and use your plans every week. I noticed when I was printing off stuff for this Sunday a pop up that said the Google+ content was going away April 2nd! Does that mean I can't get your content after that date? Do I need to print everything out from your site before April 2nd? I'm one worried chorister over here!!
    Amy McAbery

  30. Avatar

    Hi Amy,

    Google+ is in fact going away (it's Google's platform similar to Facebook) but I don't do anything on Google+ so as long as you come to my website address, I'll be here :). Please don't print anything out before April 2nd as there is no need. But I'm totally flattered you are worried!!


  31. Avatar

    Please read the manual and helps authorized by the church. We are not supposed to be doing holidays,ie Valentine’s Day, st Patrick’s day etc. this is a church calling not a preschool or school. Everything should be pointing the children to Jesus and Heavenly Father. Our culture in Utah has Moved away from gospel teaching and tries to integrate worldly fluff instead of pure doctrine. Please sisters read the manual to teach these children. Use the spirit and it’s guidance instead of easy things so you don’t have to work too hard. Fluff and fun can be had at preschool; heavenly fathers children need to feel the spirit and to have the songs teaching pure doctrine.

  32. Avatar

    I have been trying to get a set of hand bells from your shop, but when I pull up the site it says there is error. Is there another way that I can order them?

  33. Avatar

    I think it’s amazing how much you share in order to help everyone else in their callings. Thank you! I just found your interactive posters for the books in the Book of Mormon and New Testament. I’d love to have a whole matching set for our primary room. Is there any chance you will create one for the books of the Old Testament soon?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Elizabeth!

      I won’t be creating Old Testament until 2021. I’m sorry – I’m struggling to keep up with what I’ve already got scheduled. I hope you’ll be okay to wait until next year :). And thank you for your kind comments!


  34. Avatar

    I purchased the singing time clock via paypal and I can not download it .
    I have the necessary software to convert and/or download but I can’t find the purchase order and don’t want to pay an additional 16.50

    1. Avatar

      Hi Susan,

      Yes, I received your order. I’m not sure why you didn’t receive the order email. But I have emailed you the link and a receipt. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  35. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing all of your ideas so freely. I have a question.
    I love using scarves, bells, sticks, etc but I find that the handing out/collecting process takes so much time and I am wondering if you have a system that works well for you?
    I always bag up things (like scarves) by class to facilitate handing them out but it still seems to take precious moments to get them handed out and ready to sing and then collected again.
    Thank you for any ideas that you have to share.


    1. Avatar

      Hi Krystal!

      You are right, it does take a little time handing out items. You may have a bigger primary than I do so it takes longer. My first thought is exactly what you do – hand them out to teachers to hang on to before singing time and collect afterward. The next would be to hand them out as they are doing some sort of listening activity, either listening to the song as it’s played on your phone, or as you and teachers sing it. Ask them a question beforehand so they can listen for the answer. Or make passing them out part of the activity, have them pass down the class row to the beat as the song is being played/sung/listened to. My last thought would be to have each chair have the items already passed out underneath it on the floor before primary but I can see kids grabbing everything as they are waiting to use them. But that has the potential to backfire. Anyway, it sounds like you’ve got a good system. Maybe just not use props as often if it is a real problem. Go for activities that don’t require passing out and collecting as often. Anyway, not sure if that’s helpful or not. Good luck!


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