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Camille's Primary Ideas: Stay organized during singing time by putting together a singing time binder
Staying Organized

Binder Update for 2013

Out with the old, and in with the new….BINDER!   My old one had HAD it.  It’s torn, been taped, then torn some more, re-taped:     I added the 2013 Outline to the back slot:  Put in my 2013 Primary Songs List (the songs

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Music CD Challenge Worksheet

2013 Primary Music CD Challenge & Cover

I’ve received two questions from readers over the weekend… One asking if I’m planning to do a 2013 CD Challenge – last year I implemented a 2012 CD Challenge (if you don’t know what it is, find it HERE).  I’ve decided to not do it this year. 

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Camille's Primary Ideas January Singing Time Schedule Lesson Plan Ideas
Singing Time To-Go

January 2013 Singing Time Schedule

Singing Time Schedule January 2013 January 6th: Reverence song:  I am a Child of God p. 2 Scripture song:  The Fifth Article of Faith p. 125 Birthday song:  You’ve Had a Birthday p. 285 Welcome song:  We Welcome You p. 256 Singing Time:  Here We

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Camille's Primary Ideas Primary Christmas Singo Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea
5th Sunday

Christmas Singo

Find my UPDATED post of Christmas SINGO HERE.  You can download 25 Singo sheets along with calling cards. I’m actually using this lesson NEXT Sunday as this week we’re still practicing for our musical numbers in Sacrament Meeting (I’ve mentioned before there is ONE, and

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Christmas Bells using handbells

Christmas Bells

I’ve decided our Primary is going to perform Christmas Bells EVERY year in Sacrament Meeting (well, at least as long as I’m the chorister).  The audience absolute LOVES the bells and so do the kids (okay, and so do I). Anyway, I’m pulling out last year’s

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group is a great resource for singing time ideas
New Music Leaders

Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group

Did you know there’s a Facebook group for LDS Primary Music Leaders?  I didn’t either until just a few weeks ago. If you are looking for another venue to find ideas and help with your singing time calling, enlist to join the “Latter-day Saint Primary Music

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus using Singing Time Lesson Plan using a felt board

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, Verses

I don’t know why, but I thought this song would be so fun to learn using a flannel board!  Any song that tells a good story would work using a flannel board.  Now, no time for a flannel story board?  Too much work?  This song

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Pat Graham Workshop
Pat Graham

Pat Graham Workshop coming January 2013

  A reader asked if I knew of any upcoming workshops by Sister Pat Graham.  I didn’t know the answer so I emailed Sister Graham and received a response from her.  Here’s what she said: Dear Camille,  Thank you for your interest. And yes, I

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Camille's Primary Ideas: 2013 Primary Music CD is the perfect singing time gift to your primary
2013 Outline Songs

2013 CD Cover

Find my most current year’s CD HERE.  Here’s my CD cover for my 2013 Primary Music CD: You can download my cover at my Resource Library along with a blank version (without the song list).  To access my Resource Library, use the instructions at the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Choose the Right Singing Time Ideas

Teaching Choose the Right Song for Primary

Just like the title of this post says, make sure you choose the right singing time ideas!  Oh, how I love a good play on words ;).  But seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of these Choose the Right Primary singing time ideas!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Musical Math Primary singing time idea from the February 2024 Friend Magazine

Musical Math – February 2024 Friend Magazine

disruptive children.  So put those growing minds to work with some simple musical math singing time problems!  They’re simple to use during transition time, or in between songs during singing time, or whenever!

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