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Camille's Primary Ideas: Come Follow Me singing time lesson plan activity using footsteps
2010 Outline Songs

Come Follow Me

Teach Come Follow Me in singing time using my singing time lesson plan activity.  I also have a more current lesson plan for teaching Come follow Me HERE if you like. Come Follow Me Prep: Make 26 footsteps using my document found at my Resource Library.

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Camille's Primary Ideas: The Holy Ghost singing time lesson plan idea using a gift
2010 Outline Songs

The Holy Ghost

This simple singing time lesson plan for teaching The Holy Ghost uses a gift as an attention getter and images from the Gospel Art Book. Find a GAB (Gospel Art Book) picture of child being confirmed (you can find one HERE to download or buy the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Lion Hunt Nursery activity

The Lion Hunt

This isn’t really musical but I thought it was so cute…you could pass it along to your Nursery Leaders for them to do at other times in nursery:  With children sitting on their chairs you tell them:  It’s a beautiful day so let’s go on a

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Mother's Day singing time lesson plan idea
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Singing Time Review Activity (any song)

 Bring a basket full of “mom” items like: apron scarf yellow gloves high heels perfume hair ribbons curlers make up coat sweater brush nail polish belt necklace earrings nylons nail filers bracelets cookbook glasses sunglasses dress car keys purse wallet rings socks watch etc. On

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Camille's Primary Ideas The Church of Jesus Christ Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea
2010 Outline Songs

The Church of Jesus Christ Treasure Hunt

This fun treasure hunt will have the primary kids hunting for the various parts of their testimony that is sung about in the song, The Church of Jesus Christ! These are a few of my printables: I printed mine on card stock, cut them out

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New Singing Time Leader?

I can help you make it easy!

New Primary Choristor?

Let me send you all my well organized resources for new primary leaders!

Make singing time

Let me plan your singing time for next month.  Get organized and save time using this done for you planner

It is simple and it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.