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Camille's Primary Ideas: Children's Baptism Interlude Ideas

Children’s Baptism “Interlude” ideas

When attending a child’s baptism, there’s always that time to fill when the child is changing into dry clothes.  Let’s call it the “interlude.”  Utilize that time to invite the spirit to stay with these children’s baptism “interlude” ideas.

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Children's Baptism Songs Playlist

Children’s Baptism Songs Playlist

During a baptism, when the baptism child or adult steps out to change into dry clothing, don’t miss out on teaching gospel truths!  Fill that valuable time by showing a beautiful children’s baptism songs playlist!  It invites the spirit and attendees of all ages will find it memorable!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Secret Code LDS Baptism Gift Idea for girls and boys

Baptism Gifts LDS Ideas: Secret Code

Do you have a Primary boy or girl getting baptized and are in need of some baptism gift ideas?  Gift them a UNIQUE secret code for them to cherish for years to come!  These secret codes make for the PERFECT baptism gift for boys and girls!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Song Baptism I Can Play It

I Can Play It Baptism Primary Song

Did you know that the Primary song Baptism is the hardest song to play in the Children’s Songbook?  It’s also the most-sung primary song at children’s baptisms.  Go figure!!  Help your pianist out by offering them the simplified, I Can Play It version if they need!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Baptism greeting card for boy or girl

Baptism Greeting Card for Boy or Girl

Check out this baptism greeting card that is perfect to attach to ANY gift for a primary age boy or girl getting baptized!  Below is also a simple gift idea to attach it to! You will love gifting this simple, inexpensive gift that they’re sure to LOVE it!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Susan Fitch Baptism Printable Object Lesson

Susan Fitch Kit – Baptism Printable Object Lesson

If you are ever asked to give a talk on baptism for a child or give a primary lesson baptism, you NEED this Susan Fitch’s new baptism printable object lesson kit!  It’s so clever and will WOW your audience, both the young and old alike!  Also make sure to check out her giveaway and free download!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Baptism Program Template free printable

Baptism Program Template

Enhance your child’s baptism with this beautiful, yet simple baptism program template.  And even better, this baptism program template is completely customizable and editable!

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