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Camille's Primary Ideas: Stop and go singing time review activity

Stop and Go

This activity is a continuation of my Road Trip Review that I posted HERE.  At this point, all the vehicles should be on the road

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Road Trip Review Primary Program Review Activity

Road Trip Review

I created a “Road Trip Review” to help our primary prepare for our program this year…I’m really excited about how it turned out!  Getting ready

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Olympic Games Summer Singing Time Lesson Plan Review Activity

2016 Summer Olympics

A huge thank you to reader Ryan who updated my Summer Primary Olympics (find original post found HERE) with the icons that were found in this

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Camille's Primary Ideas: 2016 Primary Flashcards using MadGabs/Mumbles singing time lesson plan idea

2016 Primary Flashcards

I’m pulling out the same {yet different!} activity I did last year AND the year before found HERE and HERE.  I’ve just updated all the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: My Flag Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

My Flag, My Flag

With the 4th of July happening this weekend, I thought I would teach My Flag, My Flag in singing time.  I’ve always wanted to do

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Using just the chalkboard for your primary singing time lesson plan

Chalkboard Review

I wanted to briefly discuss using the chalkboard in singing time.  I’ve noticed several comments on FB Saturday night from various music leaders around the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Primary Yoga aka Primary Position Cards Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

MORE Primary Yoga!

If you haven’t tried Primary Yoga in your primary, you are missing out!  This is a great activity to get the kids moving as you

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