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Camille's Primary Ideas: A Song of Thanks Primary Singing Time Ideas using handbells or actions

A Song of Thanks Primary Singing Time Idea

This A Song of Thanks Primary Singing Time Idea incorporates simple key words, pictures and optional handbells!  It’s wonderful to sing around Thanksgiving or any time you want to teach about all the blessings Heavenly Father has given us.

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Monster Music Mash-Up

Monster Music Mash-Up

Try this monster music mash-up to review any songs during Halloween or really during any time of year! Your primary will love creating their own, unique monsters and the mix it creates with various actions, groups and songs!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Back-to-School singing time review

Back-To-School Review

With all the kids heading back to school, it’s a PERFECT time to review your primary program songs with a back-to-school singing time theme!  Just

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Patriotic Punch Board singing time idea

Patriotic Punch Board Singing Time Ideas

Use this punch board any time of the year in singing time, depending on what color of tissue paper you cover it with!  Create a U.S. flag to make it patriotic this summer (or any color and design depending on your country’s flag)! However, if you don’t have time to put together a punch board, scroll on down for a simplified variation to quickly pull together!!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: A Patriotic Singing Time idea

A Patriotic Singing Time

This patriotic singing time idea will get your Primary geared up to celebrate the 4th of July or summer!  Teach them the meaning behind the colors of the flag along with corresponding Primary songs!

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Camille's Primary Ideas Rainbow Color Toss singing time review activity

Rainbow Color Toss

Why not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in singing time with a rainbow color toss singing time review activity?  And if you don’t want to celebrate

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Snowball Toss lesson plan

Singing Time Snowball Toss

If you want a low-key New Year’s singing time this holiday weekend, I’ve got the perfect solution!  Try my singing time snowball toss!  A great

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

The Primary song I Will Be Valiant, with its rhythmic marching beat, is one you’ll definitely want to teach in singing time!  Not to mention it’s call to be one of Heavenly Father’s needed valiant servants!  So make sure to use these fantastic I Will Be Valiant singing time ideas when you teach it!

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