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Camille's Primary Ideas: Did You Think To Pray singing time ideas using string tied around fingers

Did You Think to Pray?

Tell me I’m not the only one who has ever forgotten to pray!?! This singing time lesson plan teaches the hymn, Did You Think To Pray? using a simple {and old fashioned} way to remember things – a string tied around your finger!

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Camille' Primary Ideas: 4-Corners Review Singing Time Lesson Plan Review Idea

4-Corners Review

Last week I introduced Praise to the Man using my lesson plan HERE.  Senior primary went FANTASTIC!  They were engaged in the entire activity and

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Stars Were Gleaming Nativity

Stars Were Gleaming 1st Verse

This week we’re starting Christmas songs during singing time!  I’ve got a great lesson plan for Stars Were Gleaming.  We’ll be performing Stars Were Gleaming

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Camille's Primary Ideas: How to Teach a Primary Song in singing time

Singing Time Ideas For Teaching a New Song

How DO you teach a Primary song in singing time? It seems a simple question with a simple answer. Yet, it can be terribly hard, especially if a lot of your Primary children are non-readers! These tried-and-true steps for how to teach a Primary in singing time are effective and simple!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

The Primary song I Will Be Valiant, with its rhythmic marching beat, is one you’ll definitely want to teach in singing time!  Not to mention it’s call to be one of Heavenly Father’s needed valiant servants!  So make sure to use these fantastic I Will Be Valiant singing time ideas when you teach it!

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