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Camille's Primary Ideas: LDS Primary Music Planner

Primary Music Planner

I received the following comment from a fellow reader and just wanted to pass along his information as it may help several Music Leaders out

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Choosing Sticks to choose kids to help during singing time fairly and effectively

Choosing Sticks

In a previous ward, I loved our choosing sticks…as opposed to my current ward.  So I decided to make some.  And since it’s January, I

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Stay organized during singing time by putting together a singing time binder

Binder Update for 2013

Out with the old, and in with the new….BINDER!   My old one had HAD it.  It’s torn, been taped, then torn some more, re-taped:

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Finding time to plan your singing time lesson plan each week

Finding Time

When to prepare for your weekly singing time…isn’t that the weekly question you often ask yourself? If you wait until the last minute to prepare

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Camille's Primary Ideas: How to juggle your time to get everything done in singing time

How to do it all??

It’s always a battle finding time to “do it all” in singing time.  It can be a serious juggling act.  There’s always the monthly program

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Get Singing Time To-Go!

Be prepared for singing time for the entire month – every month!  And all you have to do is print!

New Primary Music Leader?

I’ll send you all my well-organized resources for new primary leaders!

Make singing time easy!

Let me plan your singing time for next month.  Get organized and save time using this done for you planner

It is simple and it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.