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Camille's Primary Ideas: Love Potion Valentine's Day Singing Time Idea

Love Potion Valentine’s Day Singing Time Idea

If you want to WOW your Primary this Valentine’s Day, you NEED to create this love potion Valentine’s Day singing time idea!  They’ll love guessing which color is going to bubble up next telling them which Primary song about love they’ll be singing!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Valentine's Day Primary Singing Time Ideas

Valentines Day Primary Music Time

Share the love in singing time with these Valentine’s Day Primary singing time ideas!  Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day themed singing time activities or teaching a specific Primary song on love, there’s something here for you!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Where Love Is singing time ideas using handbells and a secret code

Where Love Is

Where Love Is is the perfect song to teach around Valentine’s Day!  The heart-shaped secret code will captivate your primary as they work to out its meaning.  Then get some much-needed movement by adding wands (Valentine themed, of course!) that also double as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give to your primary.  Check it out…

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Valentine's Day Class Party Using Handbells

Valentine’s Day Class Party Idea Using Handbells

Friends Are Fun and We Are Different are PERFECT primary songs to take into elementary classrooms for a Valentine’s Day class party! They emphasize kindness and being a good friend, perfect for elementary students! Use my bell charts to introduce a little music while you’re at it. So simple, kindergartners to 6th graders will enjoy this activity!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Lots of Ways to Say I Love You Valentine's Day singing time idea

Lots of Ways to say I Love You – The Friend

I jump at any chance to pull in activities from The Friend into singing time!  And the March 2019 issue has a great one to do just that!  It’s entitled Lots of Ways to Say I Love You – perfect for Valentine’s Day in singing time!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Love One Another singing time ideas

Love One Another

Do you remember learning the sign language to Love One Another when you were in primary?  I sure do!  And the signs have been coming

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

I Will Be Valiant Primary Singing Time Ideas

The Primary song I Will Be Valiant, with its rhythmic marching beat, is one you’ll definitely want to teach in singing time!  Not to mention it’s call to be one of Heavenly Father’s needed valiant servants!  So make sure to use these fantastic I Will Be Valiant singing time ideas when you teach it!

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