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Welcome to Your New Calling!

If you are new to this calling and searching for any help you can find to get started, you’ve come to the right place!

For starters, make sure you keep this quote by Elder Bednar in mind:

Never doubt your ability to contribute. A call to leadership is a call to display our weaknesses in public. We increase the faith of others as they see us change and grow.

Elder Bednar

My main goal with this blog is to post weekly lesson plans so other music leaders can simply implement them into their own primaries.  Join my email list to get my upcoming monthly agendas (aka “Singing Time Schedules”) and other random items that may pop up with this calling!

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Click through the tabs below to find simple tips, advice and information for your new calling:
  • Your 1st week
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Trusted Resources
  • Suggested Props
  • Organization Series
  • Great Articles
  • Other Helpful Websites

This singing time idea is what I recommend for your first week as primary music leader: Here We Are Together

How to do it all??

It’s always a battle finding time to “do it all” in singing time.  It can be a serious juggling act.  There’s always the monthly program song to teach.  But only learning and singing one song a month can be very monotonous for both you and the kids.  And once taught,

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Finding Time

When to prepare for your weekly singing time…isn’t that the weekly question you often ask yourself? If you wait until the last minute to prepare you may find yourself hating your calling and your weekend!! You’ll also find that your primary kids may not be too happy as they usually

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HOW To Teach A Primary Song

How DO you teach a primary song?  It seems a simple question with a simple answer. Yet, it can be terribly hard and confusing teaching a basic primary song to primary kids!  Especially if a lot of them are non-readers! I have simple steps for how to effectively teach a

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Primary Music Leader Substitute

Occasionally, we have to miss singing time due to family functions, vacation plans, illness, emergencies, the list goes on.  So what do you do when you are in need of a sub, either last minute or something that has been planned out well in advance? Well, you get one, of

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Dealing With Criticism

Have you ever dealt with Sister So-And-So or Brother What’s-His-Name who is openly and repeatedly critical of how you are handling your calling?  They’ve made it their mission to inform you of the “correct” way to do things, what changes you need to implement and how you can be better? 

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Maintaining Reverence in Singing Time

This topic comes up A LOT amongst primary music leaders – reverence in singing time!  With it being a new year with new little Sunbeams, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss ways to help maintain reverence during singing time! You might also find my post for “HOW To

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Is It Primary Music Leader OR Primary Chorister?

Have you ever wondered what the official name of this calling is?  Is it Primary Music Leader or Primary Chorister?  Are the names used interchangeably and does it even matter?  What’s the difference? I received an email from a sweet sister who suggested I change some verbiage on my website. 

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Wiggle Worm Jar

I created a wiggle worm jar that’s multi-functional!  I love it!  We use it during the last 5 minutes of transition time each Sunday.  I also occasionally pull it out to break up the monotony of learning a program song during singing time. To use my wiggle worm jar, I

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Top 9 BEST Singing Time Props to Buy

Here’s my list of what I think are the top 9 BEST singing time props and supplies to purchase for primary.  These items are all versatile and are what I have come to personally know, love and recommend! If you follow me, none of the items will come as a

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Printer for Singing Time

I finally got a new PRINTER!  I’m pretty stoked about it (this excitement over a printer is adulting at it’s finest, folks!).  But my main reason for sharing (even though I really do love this new machine and want to shout it from the rooftops) is I know the question

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Choosing Sticks

In a previous ward, I loved our choosing sticks…as opposed to my current ward.  So I decided to make some.  And since it’s January, I thought it was perfect timing…They are super simple and pretty self explanatory.  I wasn’t very particular if they were painted evenly so it took me

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Chalkboard Review

I wanted to briefly discuss using the chalkboard in singing time.  I’ve noticed several comments on FB Saturday night from various music leaders around the world asking for help as they have no idea what to do last minute for singing time the next day. I usually comment with an

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Article of Faith Song Prompts

Each week in primary, before I delve into my primary lesson plan, I spend a few minutes singing a scripture song. When we study Doctrine & Covenants with the new Come Follow Me curriculum, we’ll work on the Articles of Faith songs.  You can see what I’ve done for the New

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2020 Primary Music CD

Every year for Christmas, our primary hands out a primary music CD as our Christmas gift.  It contains the 36 suggested songs found in the Come Follow Me Music for Singing Time 2020. (find more information on Music for Singing Time 2020 HERE). If you feel CD’s are a thing

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For this SINGING TIME ORGANIZATION SERIES topic, I want to discuss filing!  Ugh!  It’s a dreaded word and plagues us all in one form or another!  Singing time filing is no different!   If you create and store materials, you want to be able to easily access them at a later date.

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This SINGING TIME ORGANIZATION SERIES discusses the types of equipment & supplies I keep on hand in order to prepare my weekly singing time lessons.  What type of laminator to purchase for singing time is a frequently asked question. You can assume the obvious – a computer, printer, paper, glue, etc.

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There are always great discussions on Primary Music Leaders Facebook group!  Ones that sometimes you’d never think to even discuss.  The topic of singing time magnets is one such topic!  If you do a quick search for “magnets,” TONS of conversation starters pop up!  Anyway, I wanted to share my

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This SINGING TIME ORGANIZATION SERIES post focuses on how to stay organized when teaching!  This is one of my favorite posts in this series if I’m being biased!  Maybe it’s because I’m in love with this adorable caddy! Occasionally I stumble into Primary a tad late (I’ve got 6 kids

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SINGING TIME ORGANIZATION SERIES Part 9 – Keep Track of Singing Time

Keep track of singing time!  Your primary will better stay on schedule with this customizable singing time clock printable!  If you’ve ever been short on time or wondered what-is-supposed-to-happen-when in primary, this clock printable is for you!  Primary presidencies, primary music leaders, pianists and primary teachers all benefit! This is

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Tips for navigating my site

At the top of my website are several “tabs” I’ve created (that apparently you have found if you are reading this!) that I feel will be the most beneficial to you.  Here are a few more details about those tabs:

New Music Leaders:  Where you are now!

SHOP: If I’m being biased, this is my favorite.  Find out where I purchase the supplies I recommend and use most with my lesson plans.

Index tab: This will help you navigate through my website.  Use the drop-down!

  • Posting Words: This is a tool I use that saves me from singing solos and gets more kids and teachers singing
  • Review Activities: This is a list of my go-to activities to review any songs(s)
  • Lesson Plans: Easily find what I have posted over the years throughout my blog all organized by song titles and categories.

Take a look around!  If I can be of further assistance, contact me thru the  “Contact” link above (hover over the “About” tab to see it) or by leaving a comment anywhere, anytime and I’ll respond as soon as I can.  Hopefully there’s something here that can help with your awesome calling!

Make singing time easy!

Follow my monthly schedule!

It is simple, but it works! Keep yourself, your pianist, any substitutes and those conducting primary on the same page.

A great singing time idea for primary - a singing time schedule

9 thoughts on “New Music Leaders”

  1. Avatar

    Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!

    Moved to the branch in August, was called in January and had no idea what songs the kids knew. I was out of town one Sunday, and the President (who had been called two weeks before) did the most amazing thing for me. She did a "Name That Tune" activity, which was something I hadn't even thought of before. Then she made a copy of the index of the Primary songbook and highlighted the ones they recognized. It made choosing songs soooo much easier! Then I came home and made a playlist on the LDS Music app so I could learn them, too, since I hadn't been around Primary kids since I was one in 1997. I also got the older kids to start singing more by telling them that hearing them sing would help me learn the songs. (I think the tears streaming down my face the first time I did Singing Time backed up my story and earned their pity!)
    I also remember being grateful from the first week that the most important part of the calling is the easiest: loving the kids!

  2. Avatar

    Hi there Camille! I am a mother of a 3yr old, a 1yr old, just found out I am pregnant and have a husband in medical school :):):) Ive really enjoyed your website it has been a huge help for me so far! I was called to be primary chorister about a month ago and we have our program on October 21st. I LOVE music but have know idea how to be anytime of chorister or music director. I never met the last chorister nor do I have much of an idea of what songs to practice most. Some kids know some songs and some know others… Ive been doing some of your review activities to get an idea of what they know. I printed out the treasure map because I really want to make reviewing fun for then but I don't really have any thing from past lessons to make teaching the song easy. I've made the chewing sticks, Ive been posting the lyrics to all the songs I was thinking I would do the treasure chest with the ring pops and ribbon, I printed out the pictures from the finch family for a child's prayer and I think the sign language for when I am baptized is easy enough that maybe I could teach them that but if I do that I don't know how it will go along with the treasure map… Im just starting to get very overwhelmed and was hoping you might have suggestions for me!
    Thank-you so much for anything and everything! It is amazing that you put all of this out there and help so many people!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Lacee!

    Thank you for your comment! Don't worry, we've all been in your shoes! The first 3 months at anything new are always the hardest. My first thought when reading your comment was you need to simplify. This is where I like to start when I feel overwhelmed about anything – I like to ask myself, "what can I cut out?" (and this pertains to life in addition to singing time for me!).

    Since you are coming into the program late in the game, you'll need to let a lot slide this year! Just work on singing the songs each week and figuring out what they do know. Since you've got the Treasure Map theme going, I'd just stay with that and call it good. You can use it up until your program in October.

    I personally would not add anything new at this point (including sign language). If you need to scrap songs or even just 2nd and 3rd verses, do it. If you feel ambitious, try farming out a few songs to Activity Day girls and boys, or have teachers sing one of the songs, child or adult solos, etc. Just get creative.

    You can make up for it all next year when you get to start with a clean slate in January and you have 10 months to prep for the program instead of less than 2 months. And remember, family comes before your calling. You have a lot on your plate so if you continue to feel overwhelmed, talk to your bishop about finding a less demanding calling until things in your personal life settle down. I've done it before and it was the best thing for me at the time.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents…hope it helps! Good luck!!


  4. Avatar

    Thankyou so so much Camille! I feel like i just needed to hear that it was ok not to do everything so extravagent from someone like you who is a chorister with so much experience. Thank you again soooo much for taking the time to write me back!

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