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If you are a new primary music leader, you’ve come to the right place!

The purpose of singing time is to “teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ through music” The Children’s Songbook p. 300.  To do that, make sure you keep this quote by Elder Bednar in mind:

Never doubt your ability to contribute. A call to leadership is a call to display our weaknesses in public. We increase the faith of others as they see us change and grow.

are you feeling:

That’s normal!  You are now the only person who teaches EVERY Sunday to EVERY primary child! And not only that, there’s a year-end test (also known as the primary program).

And I completely understand!  I started out in your shoes!

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19 thoughts on “New Music Leaders”

  1. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!

    Moved to the branch in August, was called in January and had no idea what songs the kids knew. I was out of town one Sunday, and the President (who had been called two weeks before) did the most amazing thing for me. She did a "Name That Tune" activity, which was something I hadn't even thought of before. Then she made a copy of the index of the Primary songbook and highlighted the ones they recognized. It made choosing songs soooo much easier! Then I came home and made a playlist on the LDS Music app so I could learn them, too, since I hadn't been around Primary kids since I was one in 1997. I also got the older kids to start singing more by telling them that hearing them sing would help me learn the songs. (I think the tears streaming down my face the first time I did Singing Time backed up my story and earned their pity!)
    I also remember being grateful from the first week that the most important part of the calling is the easiest: loving the kids!

  2. Hi there Camille! I am a mother of a 3yr old, a 1yr old, just found out I am pregnant and have a husband in medical school :):):) Ive really enjoyed your website it has been a huge help for me so far! I was called to be primary chorister about a month ago and we have our program on October 21st. I LOVE music but have know idea how to be anytime of chorister or music director. I never met the last chorister nor do I have much of an idea of what songs to practice most. Some kids know some songs and some know others… Ive been doing some of your review activities to get an idea of what they know. I printed out the treasure map because I really want to make reviewing fun for then but I don't really have any thing from past lessons to make teaching the song easy. I've made the chewing sticks, Ive been posting the lyrics to all the songs I was thinking I would do the treasure chest with the ring pops and ribbon, I printed out the pictures from the finch family for a child's prayer and I think the sign language for when I am baptized is easy enough that maybe I could teach them that but if I do that I don't know how it will go along with the treasure map… Im just starting to get very overwhelmed and was hoping you might have suggestions for me!
    Thank-you so much for anything and everything! It is amazing that you put all of this out there and help so many people!

  3. Hi Lacee!

    Thank you for your comment! Don't worry, we've all been in your shoes! The first 3 months at anything new are always the hardest. My first thought when reading your comment was you need to simplify. This is where I like to start when I feel overwhelmed about anything – I like to ask myself, "what can I cut out?" (and this pertains to life in addition to singing time for me!).

    Since you are coming into the program late in the game, you'll need to let a lot slide this year! Just work on singing the songs each week and figuring out what they do know. Since you've got the Treasure Map theme going, I'd just stay with that and call it good. You can use it up until your program in October.

    I personally would not add anything new at this point (including sign language). If you need to scrap songs or even just 2nd and 3rd verses, do it. If you feel ambitious, try farming out a few songs to Activity Day girls and boys, or have teachers sing one of the songs, child or adult solos, etc. Just get creative.

    You can make up for it all next year when you get to start with a clean slate in January and you have 10 months to prep for the program instead of less than 2 months. And remember, family comes before your calling. You have a lot on your plate so if you continue to feel overwhelmed, talk to your bishop about finding a less demanding calling until things in your personal life settle down. I've done it before and it was the best thing for me at the time.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents…hope it helps! Good luck!!


  4. Thankyou so so much Camille! I feel like i just needed to hear that it was ok not to do everything so extravagent from someone like you who is a chorister with so much experience. Thank you again soooo much for taking the time to write me back!

  5. Valerie Bidstrup

    I seem to remember there being a few more tabs on this page. Things like how you schedule you months, filing, and just some general getting started knowledge. Did that information get moved somewhere else?

  6. Hi Camille!
    Our primary has never learned Gethsemane I heard the song and love it! Can I teach it if it is not in the primary book and have you ever done words for it and ideas?

    1. Hi Kristie!

      Gethsemane has been published in the Friend and I believe songs put out by the church can be taught without a bishop’s approval but you may want to double check with him. I haven’t taught it in singing time and don’t have a lesson plan for it. But I do have it in my Posting Words format if that helps.


  7. I have just been called as a Primary Chorister and told they are going to combine senior and junior primary for singing time. I am a bit concerned about how to teach songs to such different ages, with readers and non readers together (about 50 kids). Any ideas?

    1. Hi Debora!

      Wow – 50 kids at a time! I’d definitely see if you can split it up in to Jr. and Sr. But I know that’s not always easy to do. I always say that if you have multiple ages, cater to the older kids. The younger kids will grasp what they can. There’s nothing worse than bored big kids and they should be your priority. You can also pair up big kids with little kids so they can assist the younger kids in your activity. I hope that helps – good luck!


  8. Hi Camille – I am a new Primary President and wanting to help our Music Leader (fairly new as well). Do you have Singing Time To-Go weekly bundles for 2022? Before we purchase I just want to make sure that it will actually go along with the songs for this year and help the kids learn songs that will be incorporated in the Primary Program at the end of the year. Thanks!

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