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Flip Charts For Primary Singing Time

Camille's Primary Ideas:Primary Singing Time Flip Charts

Check out these singing time flip charts.  The majority of flip charts I share contain words only. This format is my preference for several reasons:

  1. They take up less space
  2. Use less ink
  3. Are hands free
  4. WAY more versatile this way!

I promise you will LOVE using them too!  However, if you are looking for flip charts with pictures (which definitely have a place in singing time too!), those are becoming more available too!

Picture flip charts from Jolly Jenn’s website (which has been discontinued) are now available on Camille’s Primary Ideas below as well.

Stop Singing Solos!

One of the best singing time helps is posting the words to almost EVERY song you sing in Primary by using a flip chart.  Sing a wide variety of songs in the Children’s Songbook, many of which are unfamiliar to most of the Primary and teachers (sometimes myself included!).

So to make sure you’re not up singing a solo every Sunday, post the words to most songs (unless it is a very familiar one or you’re working on memorizing it as part of your singing time activity).

Teachers will THANK YOU and actually SING because they appreciate having the words available!  Try it!

TIP:  If posting words isn’t feasible in your Primary room for whatever reason, try posting 2 binders and having a “helper” help turn the pages.

Another added benefit of posting the words is there’s no need for kids to hold something similar in their hands (whether in a booklet form or on cell phones – ugh!!).  Items in hands tend to become distractions.

Camille's Primary Ideas: posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

How to Post Words

In this format, all the words to post (or flip charts) are landscape in order to be hung over your music stand like pictured above.  No holding required!
Keep all the songs you sing on a particular Sunday, in a binder and rotate them out each week as needed (find more details on creating a singing time binder HERE).  When not in use, save them at home (check out this filing system HERE).
I do additionally like to write with a pencil the song title, verse and page number on the backside for easy reference when necessary.

To post the words simply flip your binder over the back of the music stand.  The words face out to the Primary that I’ve placed in sheet protectors.  I prefer the non-glare best, like these from Amazon (Amazon affiliate link):

Use them in the Program

Do this during the Primary presentation too!  The congregation has no idea the kids are using words and each little pair of reading eyes is on you.  A total win-win!

Posting the words isn’t because the kids haven’t memorized the words (because trust me, we do our best to memorize all year long!).  We usually just have a few semi-active kids show up for the presentation and this way, they are still able to participate.

I have also had comments from the congregation that they cannot believe how the children all have their eyes on me ;).  It’s our little secret!

Below is a list (in progress) of all the words I put in this format.  Make sure you search for the correct song title.

Alphabetical List of Songs

**If there’s a song you need (with or without pictures), contact me and I’ll add it to the list!

A Prayer p. 22
Abish Testified by Monica Scott
Always Remember by Angie Killian
As a Child of God by Janice Kapp Perryt
Autumn Day p. 247
Away in a Manger p. 42 & hymn #204
Baptism p. 100
Because by Shawna Edwards
Build an Ark by Marianne P. Wilcock
Come, Follow Me hymn #116
Faith p. 96
Falling Snow p. 248
Family Night p. 195
Fathers p. 209

Fun to Do p. 253

Gethsemane by Melanie Hoffman
Grandmother p. 200
Happy Song p. 264
He Is the Gift by Shawna Edwards
He Prepares a Way by Angie Killian & Blake Gillette
Hello Song p. 260
Hinges p. 277
Home p. 192
Hosanna p. 66
I am a Witness by Shawna Edwards (music found HERE)
I Feel the Spirit by Matthew Neeley
I Wiggle p. 271
I Will Be What I Believe by Blake Gillette
If I Were A Shepherd by Stephanie Adams (music found HERE)

Joy to the World hymn #201

Living Prophets Song (aka Our Prophets and Apostles)
Mother Dear p. 206
My Country p. 224
My Dad p. 211
My Hands p. 273
Our Bishop p. 135
Our Prophets and Apostles (aka Living Prophets Song)
Repentance p. 98


Sariah’s Faith by Monica Scott
Saturday p. 196
Secret Prayer hymn #144
Shine On p. 144
Silent Night hymn 204
Sing a Song p. 253
Small & Simple Faith by Angie Killian
Smiles p. 267
Stand Up p. 278
Step by Step by Angie Killian


Testimony hymn #137
Their Mothers Knew by Monica Scott
The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77 (includes 2nd verse not in songbook)
The Family p. 194
The First Noel hymn #213
The Iron Rod hymn #274
The Liahona by Angie Killian
The Miracle (including the 3rd verse)
The Oxcart p. 219
The Tree of Life by Shawna Edwards
There Mother’s Knew by Monica Scott


Westward Ho! p. 217
When We Seek Him by Shawna Edwards
You Are That Someone by Shawna Edwards

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea! Our attendance regularly fluctuates with children who can't make it consistently, or who haven't been to primary before, so it's always a challenge picking songs that anyone but me will know. 🙂 I typically pass out copies in senior primary, but maybe I should start just posting words like this so it doesn't draw attention to anyone, and I don't feel as pressured to have them learn songs word-perfect, rather than focusing on the spirit and doctrines of the songs.

  2. Makes sense. How many times have we all sung the same hymns in Sacrament meeting…but we still look at the words! I tried this last week. But, the game we were playing caused the songs to be sung in a random order. I got tired of flipping through looking for the right song. I can see how it would work perfectly if I was going in a predetermined order. I'll try it again!

    1. Just a tip for flipping through the words if they'll be sung in random order – sometimes I'll put those little colored sticky tabs on the end of the page protectors and write the page number or some sort of numbering system so I can quickly get to to the right song. I've definitely thumbed through many a time – it can be a pain.

  3. Love this idea. As a side note, you can find the lyrics of the songs typed out on LDS.org and copy and paste. Saves time typing it all out, just format the way you want it (size/landscape/etc.)

  4. How do you keep the binder from falling over the edge of the stand? do you put something weighty on the other side? or do you have to hold it?

    1. Renae, Great question…one I never thought about before. But yes I always just have my Primary Songbook on the stand weighing down the binder so it doesn't fall off. I hope that helps.


  5. Two of our program songs aren't listed so I made my own but can't figure out what font you use…..my ocd isn't okay with them being different.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I just copy and paste from the Church's text-only website. It looks like they use the Cambria font. I totally understand the OCD-ness!!


  6. I tried printing off a song and it said i had to be a member in order to do that, and then i tried to copy and paste and every other word had a huge no copy symbol thing in it? Am i doing something wrong?

    1. I didn't realize this until just recently. My plan is to move everything from Scribd to Google Docs…wish I had done that from the beginning. I'm totally bugged!

    1. Hi Susan, yes – to answer your question. I try not to but with some songs, it's just inevitable. Usually a teacher will tell me to flip it over if I forget to, mid song!


  7. Hi Camille…I've spent the last hour perusing through your blog and copying so many of the resources you've shared here. I was just called as the primary chorister in our new ward 2 weeks ago and this Sunday is my first day to begin this new calling. I AM SCARED TO DEATH!! I am not a singer (terrible, in fact)…I can lead and read music though from playing the piano–but I am so nervous about this new calling and have had some sleepless nights worrying if I can do this.

    I can't tell you what a blessing it was today to stumble onto your blog. Thank you so much for your willingness to share all this wonderful information and resources. I'm so grateful.

    many blessings!

  8. Thank you so much for all of these great helps, Camille! I have quite a hefty lyrics binder, thanks to you, and my primary thanks you too 🙂

    Happy Happy Birthday and Have a Very Happy Birthday are the same file…..not a big deal, just thought I'd tell you 🙂 And some weird error shows up for "I Know My Savior Loves Me" but not any of the others….

    1. Thank you for the help! I'm doing "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" for my Aug. pick too, and I noticed it's still on Scribd. I already copy and pasted and made my own cuz I didn't want to bother you about it, but just letting you know in case you are still trying to convert them all over. Thanks so much for your efforts, and I really like your "recap" posts for people to offer feedback on how the lesson plan went.

  9. Camille, I wanted to thank you for this idea. I have been in as chorister for about 10 months and was so glad I found your blog right away. You have helped me from day one with your wonderful ideas and helps. Having the words in your binder for all to see has made a big impact with our primary workers and children. Everyone appreciates feeling more confident. Thank you again! May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless our lives.

  10. Hi Camille, Just an FYI – "We Welcome You" is still on Scribd. Thanks for all your effort. It makes pulling double duty as chorister and 1st Counselor so much more manageable.

  11. Thank you for generously sharing all your ideas and your documents! I love this calling and I love all the great ideas that are shared! Your blog is a valuable resource and I appreciate you so much! Hugs!

  12. I think it would be great if you could add most of the welcome songs that you sing when you have visitors as those aren't really common and nobody can sing them cuz they don't know them.


  13. Hi Unknown!

    I don't rotate through very many welcome songs, but would love to increase my options. Would you be specific on what songs you deem as welcome songs so I can get them added and possibly incorporate them into my singing time? Thanks for your suggestion and help!


  14. Hi! I tried commenting a few days ago, but i don't see it, so maybe it didn't work. I wondered if you could do p 86, An Angel Came to Joseph Smith.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Hi Unknown!

    I did receive a request for this song yesterday from Tiffany – is that you? The comment was left under my "Song Index" tab. But I just got this song added. I was working on it as this comment came through :). Thanks!


  16. I'm trying to increase my primary's song options and this has been a great help. Hardly any of the kids seem to know "I Am Like a Star" and I can't believe it! Would you be able to add that song and "Dare to Do Right" as well?

  17. Hey, Camille – You're singing "The Books in the New Testament" this month, but it's not on here?! What on Earth have you been doing with all of your time?? 😉 (I typed it out for myself, by the way, but I thought you might want to add it to your list.) 🙂 Thanks, as always. You are a rock star.

  18. Camille – I really appreciate all your ideas and help with the bells. Easter Hosanna went over so good! Thanks for getting it to me in time for Easter. The Primary Presidency loved it so much we are adding it to the Primary sacrament program. My Primary children have loved the bells so much I have now formed a bell choir! We meet once a week and they are learning "If I Listen With My Heart" to perform during the sacrament program.
    Your method is so easy and the children catch on so fast!! THANK YOU! – Dena

  19. This may be a weird question but when you sing unfamiliar/new songs for the opening song do you do a quick explanation of the song or ever have the pianist play through the whole song for a long introduction?

    Also, does your primary sing closing songs? I noticed you don't have them on your singing time schedules

  20. Hi Celes!

    If the song is new or unfamiliar, my pianist will usually play it several times as our prelude. When we begin, she will just play an introduction and we'll just plow through it. The kids will read what they can and pick up the melody from me. It's not perfect, but it works and I'm able to expose them to new songs this way without taking time away from singing time.

    As for closing songs, we don't do them but if we did, I'd just pick a 2nd song similar to how I do the opening – one that would match that week's theme, again being able to expose the kids to unfamiliar songs. I feel like the program songs are just beat to death all year long that I don't like singing them more than we absolutely have to!

    I hope that helps some.


  21. Thankyou so much for posting the words. I wouldn't normally sing songs they don't know well if you didn't have all the words posted.. I have printed off many songs from here so thank you!!! You have so many awesome ideas i don't know what I would do without so many creative talented ladies like you generously sharing their ideas!!

  22. Thank you SO much for this idea (and many others). I have suffered some memory loss issues and also have horrible eyesight. The Primary book is so tiny, I often struggle with seeing the words. I print out two copies of these songs and have one facing the kids and one facing me. On my copy, I will also mark in the corner of each song if it's 3/4 or 4/4 and I also put a dot under the word that is on the first beat.
    I am wondering if you have done "The Lord Gave Me a Temple"? I didn't see it on the list.
    Thank you again!!!

  23. Hi LittleBitofHeaven!

    When I do the program in the fall, I also do exactly what you do with words both facing out and facing me. It has really simplified conducting. I've added "The Lord Gave me a Temple." I'm always amazed when ones like this pop up that I don't have words for! Thanks for helping me to complete my list. It makes me happy to hear that my effort isn't in vain!


  24. Hi Monica!

    My regular kids pretty much KNOW the program songs by heart. It's my irregular kids that I post the words for so I always post words, regardless of how well-known they are by the primary as a whole. If I am able to help the semi-active kid(s) feel included by posting the words, it's worth it to me, even if all the kids end up reading them when we perform. So in short, I always post words during the program.

    I know a few other choristers who disagree with me and want everything sung from memory so to each their own. You just have to decide what is best for your primary. I hope that helps!


    1. That is great I think it helps.. We all use the hymn book when we sing … but I was wondering as far as do you stand in front of the pulpit so they can see the words or where do you physically stand? May be a silly question

  25. Monica, not a silly question at all! I know all chapels are a bit different, but I usually sit on the front middle pew/bench off to the side toward the piano and when it's time to sing, I stand on a riser we have (about 6 inches, maybe 1 foot tall) and raise the stand up so it sits right above the privacy wall so the kids can read it from the choir seats. It's a little higher than I normally would have it but it's still fine.

  26. Thank you so much for all you do to help the Primary Program! You're amazing!! Could you please add
    Heroes of the Scriptures ~Friend June 1998
    Thank you again! I really appreciate all your work! 😀

  27. Camille, you've been a great resource for me this year! Thanks for all you do! Could you add the words for The Miracle and Gethsemane? I really want to teach those songs to my primary for next year. Thanks!

  28. Hi Camille!
    You have no idea how much I LOVE your blog! Seriously, Ive only been doing this for a few weeks now, but you have already saved me so much time! Thank you for being willing to share so much information with us.

    Tomorrow I'm planning to do your "sing a story" for thanksgiving coming up. I would wait a few more weeks, but we are going to need to start doing Christmas songs since we are singing at the ward party on the 10th. 🙂
    Anyway, there are a number of songs that Im pretty sure my kids are unfamiliar with. I'm planning to post the words for the senior primary, but Im just curious how this works in Junior primary. Do you still post the words even though most of them can't read them? Do you go over the words briefly with the younger ones before you sing? Just trying to figure out the best way to handle the songs that they aren't familiar with. If you could let me know your awesome ways that would be amazing!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  29. Hi Heather!

    I always still post words regardless of my audience. I've found that a few of the kindergarteners and most of the 1st graders in Jr. can read – that's almost half the Jr. primary. The words also help the teachers sing (a HUGE bonus so I'm not singing a solo every week). Since the youngest kids (usually just the sunbeams and CTR 4/5's) can't read, sometimes I'll pass out simple props for them to hold and they can listen for certain words and raise their prop/stick as they hear the words or I'll make up actions as we go along and ask them to follow me. Or echoing works well with them – you sing a line and they sing it back to you (that works well if you have a puppet of some sort).

    Honestly, I don't focus tons of my attention on getting the little kids to sing. Even if they KNEW the words, they probably wouldn't sing anyway ;). My goal with them is just to familiarize them to the songs. They will pick up what they can but I'd cater to the older kids who you know will help carry the volume when you perform.

    I hope that helps some. If you still have more questions, please let me know.


  30. Hi Camille – You are so wonderful and I am so thankful for all the terrific and spirit filled ideas and activities you have on your site! I use them all the time. You are my "go-to" girl for Primary singing time. I wanted to share "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" word post here with you so you can include it in your library. Here's the link…

    Again thank you for everything- you are a ROCK STAR!

    Tammy Christiansen

  31. Are you going to write up the words for "Choose the Right" from the hymnbook? If so, I'd love to get them 🙂 Thank you for everything you do.

  32. Hi Camille,

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I use it every weekend to get ready for Primary Singing Time on Sunday. Could you please add the words to the following songs? "I Know My Savior Lives" and "I Know the Scriptures are True"?


  33. I tried this one Sunday and I felt kind of clumsy doing this. Between trying to lead, doing hand motions for our younger kids, and flipping the pages of the posted words, I was having a hard time keeping up. Any suggestions? We have a combined primary so I can't just rely on posting words with younger kids.

  34. Hi Melanie,

    I post the words in Jr mostly for the teachers and the older kids who can read (which in my primary is over half of the kids). When I'm working on teaching a new song, I may or may not post the words to that song. Usually I only work on one (maybe 2) verse/chorus per week and with this format, I wouldn't need to flip many pages while I'm teaching.

    What works for me won't work for everyone. You'll find your grove and figure out your own style. You may find that you don't like posting the words at all and that's okay.


  35. Hi Melanie (and anyone else with a similar question),

    I was feeling like I had to be really organized about which songs I was going to display and put them on the lighter end of the binder, in fear the binder would fall off the stand! :o)

    Around Christmas time, when we were singing a bunch of unfamiliar songs, I found success in using push pins to display 1-3 songs on the bulletin board all at once. Before singing, I would point to which song (row of pages) we were going to sing.

    Now, I don't have too many that I need to display in this way (because we are doing ASL, or I have a flip chart, or other activity), but I like doing the bulletin board method for an unfamiliar opening song.

    I have thought about anchoring my binder with heavy-duty binder clips or a super thick rubber band. :o)

    I agree with Camille, you definitely will find your own style. :o)

  36. As a newer primary chorister who is struggling to love my calling right now…. I appreciate all your hard work. Hoping tomorrow is better than previous weeks have been. Thank you!!

  37. Can you add "Holding Hands Around the World" found in the additional songs for primary children? Thank you so much for sharing your work so freely!

  38. Camille,

    Thanks SO much for all your help! I love your site and all your creative ideas. Would you be willing to post the words to "I Wonder When He Comes Again?" Our primary will be singing this for Easter.


  39. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas and hard work! Your site has given me lots of ideas and idea starters and I'm so grateful! Just got done printing off the words to the songs we're going to do tomorrow using your "Getting Ready For Easter" idea. I think the kids will really like it, and I was so excited to find the words formatted so we can sing some less-familiar music. Thanks again!

  40. Hi stacy,

    I've added "Choose Him Again" to the list. However, since I don't own a copy of the song, I used a flip chart someone else posted to obtain the words so I hope it's accurate. If there are any mistakes, please let me know.


  41. Just a suggestion because I made my first binder of about 6-8 songs for Easter then dropped the binder and scattered all of the songs. I really wish I had labeled the title on each page and the page # would have helped. Live and Learn. Thank you for all the work and expertise.

  42. Hi Wendy! Sorry for the dropped songs – I've done it plenty of times! Thank you for the tip. I write the name/page number/verse on the backside of each page with a pencil. I've updated my post to include that detail. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I didn't have that information mentioned.


  43. Wonderful ideas, tips and resources! Thanks for being willing to share! Dare to Do Right has a typo at the bottom of the 1st page: Dare to e true

  44. Is there a way that you could compile all these into one document? Then I would just have to click print once and be done. I do recognize the scope of what I am asking. But, it would make it so convenient!

  45. Hi Laura!

    I completely understand why you are asking but there are a few problems I'm foreseeing with this request…there is no way that I'd be able to upload a PDF file that large. Also, I'm continually adding individual songs to this list. Every time I add a new song, I'd have to edit the huge master list and re-upload it. The task just wouldn't be worth the effort. I'm sorry, I wish I could help you further!


  46. I have a few songs I would love to have the text for
    Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
    I wiggle
    Stand up
    My hands

    Thank you for your efforts, I appreciate the work you do 😊

  47. Thank you for your ideas and resources! When I print the songs for my binder, they are not printing as landscape. They print in portrait which is too small to read and does not work with the binder method you share.

    Do you have suggestions for me?

    thank you!

  48. Hi Kristina,

    I've added Remember the Sabbath Day.

    As for a big document that has all of these – I don't have that for 2 reasons: I'm continually adding songs so it would be a big project to keep the document always up-to-date.
    Secondly, I can't upload that large of a document.

    Sorry about that!


  49. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and ideas. This has been such a wonderful resource and have given me so many ideas. Thank you, thank you, for taking the time to share!

  50. Hi Camille!

    I can't seem to find The Things I Do. Let me know if I am missing it or if you can add it whenever you have time, haha! Thanks for all you do! This is my favorite go to site to help me handle my calling!


  51. Thanks Camille for this amazing resource!

    Ive often used this to print out songs for our primary. Another way I post words at times is to bring in a tv from the library, I connect my phone with a cable to the tv (so that what I see on my phone the kids see on the TV) and then I just use the words from the lds music app.

    Again, thank you so much for your hard work and amazing efforts!

  52. I have been printing my Singo cards, putting them in sleeves, printing words to all the songs, etc. Thanks so much for your hard work. I can see how putting words to every song would help visitors feel more welcome and those who miss a few weeks an opportunity to learn the words. Love the idea someone had of using the TV, but we have too many wards using resources and I couldn't rely on that one. Great idea. So, I plan to use Camille's low-tech idea and print the songs. Then, after Christmas everything will be filed and saved for next year. Love it!! I will check out your organization system. Thanks again.

  53. Thank you so much for posting these! I use them when we won't have a time to learn a song, but I want to include a song that isn't familiar. I'm using your idea for New Years Around the World and "I Want to Give the Lord my Tenth isn't here. You probably won't get to it today, so I'll try to make my own sign, but I can never do it with letters as large as yours. Thanks!

  54. For games with multiple songs that may come up at random, how do you organize your binder so that flipping goes smoothly? Or like your wiggle worm jar, there are a lot of familiar ones on your printed list that I wouldn't post words for, but others like "go the 2nd mile" that I've never heard of. I don't want to fumble around looking for words but I want to post them!

  55. Hi Kelsey,

    For multiple songs chosen at random during singing time, I'll usually put the words in alphabetical order in my binder, then put a little sticky tab like these ones here:


    I'll write the first word of the song title on each tab (just because there's not much room) and attach them to the very bottom of the 1st page of each of the songs so they poke out along the bottom and fan out when hung over the music stand. Kind of like what I did to my songbook once here:


    I hope that helps!


  56. Hi Camille!

    Do you post your actual program for the fall? Like where you put talks and lines the kids read? (Embarrassed to ask, but this is my first time doing anything like this…and I'm not even musical, but for some reason I'm doing this calling!)

  57. Hi Emily L.

    I don't write the program so I usually don't share it – but I'm pretty sure there are are LOTS of programs out there if you do some Google searching. This is just my opinion but I hope you aren't having to write the whole program. Your presidency should be doing most of that. Being in charge of the music portion of the program is a big job itself.


  58. You're awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I am writing the whole program, but that's really okay. We have a little branch, and I'm happy to do it. Will probably mean it's a bit music-heavy, but I'm learning as I go!

  59. Thank you so much for posting all of these! Is saves me so much time in typing them up myself. I noticed on Mother, I Love You (207) that the last line of the first verse is wrong. Your document says "Mother I love, Mother, I do" when it should say "Mother, I love you, I love you, I do." It was an easy fix for me, but I thought I would let you know. Thanks again!

  60. Hi Camille,
    First of all, thank you for your wonderful blog! This is my go-to website every week. Your creativity has been such a blessing to me in my calling.
    Secondly, the lyrics for "Mother, I Love You" are a little messed up. The beginning of verse 2 ended up at the end of the verse 1 page. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  61. I don't know what your policy is on songs not in the songbook, but we got approval from our PP and Bishop to sing "I Will Be What I Believe" by Blake Gillette. Just wondered if you had words typed out for that already?

  62. I absolutely love all you do primary! I follow you every week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You are an angel! I was wondering if you could please type the posting words for the song I will be what I Believe by Blake Gillette? There are so many wards using this song for the program this year. It would be really really great. Thank you sooo much!!

  63. Do you happen to have Popcorn Popping? I looked under "P" and "I" (For I Looked out the window). Maybe it's listed somewhere else? Thank you so much! My teachers really love when I post the words (most were baptized as adults, so they aren't as familiar with the primary songs!

  64. Thanks so much! Also, in the a recent Friend, they added Pres. Nelson's name at the end of Latter-Day Prophets, just wondered if you were able to update "Latter-Day Prophets" to include those new words. The last phrase is (after Thomas S. Monson): "Now we have Russell M. Nel-son". Thank you for all you time in sharing these resources with us!

  65. Hi Camille, I just wanted to let you know that Tell Me, Dear Lord is missing the link. Thanks for all you do. You make my life so much easier and I excel at my calling thanks to your wonderful ideas.

  66. Thank you for all your hard work and fabulous ideas!! I see "Tell Me, Dear Lord" but can't click on it to print the words. Just wondering if you could fix the link. Thank you!!!!

  67. Thank you for providing this resource. The past two years I have slowly been adding to my collection. I sat down Sunday with the new curriculum songs and made a list of those I didn't have. I am hoping you will soon add Hymns 140, Did you Think to Pray, Hymn 191 Behold the Great Redeemer Die and Hymn 136 I Know that My Redeemer Lives. These were listed in the songs for 2019 and I would love to keep the same formatting but if you are too busy that is totally understandable and I will continue to appreciate all you've done thus far.

  68. Such a great idea! Post the words!! So simple yet so affective.

    We are singing "If I were a Shepherd" and "Angels we have heard on high" I would love to have these words in your format if possible.

  69. Hi chadandash,

    I've added Angels We Have Heard on High. If you can get me the lyrics for If I Were a Shepherd, that would be helpful as it's not in the Children's Songbook or Hymn Book. Thanks!


  70. Hi Coralee,

    I've added Joy to the World and If I Were A Shepherd (by Stephanie Adams). The link you posted didn't work so this version is what I found. I hope it's correct.


  71. Hi Camille~
    I cannot find the link with the three new hymns you mentioned you added for 2019. I was looking under the letter for each one (D- Did you think to Pray, B- Behold the Great Redeemer Die and I- I Know that My Redeemer Lives. Any help on where to go would be appreciated.

  72. Hi Unknown!

    Oh my! I added them on my "Index" tab instead of here under my "Posting Words" tab. I've changed it. Thank you for helping me correct my mistake!! I wonder about myself sometimes!


  73. Hey, I'm really grateful for your singing time ideas. They are great; you are gr8. But I hate to point out an error (you did ask for us to do that, though).
    In the song "I Will be What I Believe"….. Helaman is spelled Heleman. Not a biggie, and I feel mean for this, after all the work you've put into these resources.

    I've been writing up song charts like yours since I became Primary President a year or so ago, because I really didn't like the dog-eared cardboard charts that I had to hunt through. I started laminating A4 sheets, but figured I was going to go through a TONNE of pouches.
    So I now do what you do, but I put them in folders (numbered and indexed) that stay in the Primary cupboard.
    I also print a copy of the words which go on the back so the leader can see the words, too. That's printed on white paper, while the words the children see are printed on coloured paper. The index on the front of the folder indicates the colour of the song, so it's easy to find quickly.

  74. Hi Boss Lady!

    Thank you for letting me know! I'm prone to mistakes to I appreciate it when I'm able to get errors corrected. I'm happy to hear you've found a system that works for you! Great idea!


  75. Hi Camille,

    I love your blog! I refer to it regularly as I'm planning the music for Primary. I just pulled up the words "This is My Beloved Son" for posting. There is a mistake on the 4th verse. There is a question mark on the second phrase and it should not be there, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all your work!! You are doing amazing things. I've been in the calling for a year now and I'm so thankful for your blog holding my hand along the way. 😉


  76. Would you mind doing the song, "I'm learning the ways of Jesus"? It is from the friend and has a song along video for it on LDS.org. We learning this one this month! Thanks so much!

  77. I'm not sure where I found the words to the third verse for My Heavenly Father Loves Me, but thought I would post here in case you want to add them when you're printing the song. I love this verse.

    Whenever I think of the Savior’s hands in prayer at Gethsemane, Whenever I picture Him healing the lame or causing the blind to see, Whenever I think how He willingly gave His perfect life for me, I marvel as gratitude swells in my heart, for I know Heav’nly Father loves me.

  78. So…I tried using the binder method for having the words for my kids, but I'm down (in the congregation (3rd rowish/aisle) and they are on the stand. They couldn't see the words well enough to make a difference. Any suggestions? (Height/standing behind each other/seeing the words problem)

  79. Hi Granny D!

    My only suggestion would be to either make a big poster of the words or have 2 binders, one for each side of the pulpit and someone else to hold the words. I've never had a problem. Usually before we start singing (when singing in sacrament meeting) I move all the kids so the tall kids are in the back and the short kids are in the front. It takes a minute or two but I know the audience and the kids always appreciate being able to see.

    I hope that helps.


  80. Hey I just noticed that the links to Tell Me, Dear Lord and Tell Me the Stories of Jesus are switched. So when I clicked Tell Me, Dear Lord, I got Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. Thanks for having such a helpful blog!

    1. Hi Shayla!

      Sure enough…you are totally right! I’ve got it corrected. I really appreciate you letting me know and thank you for your kind comment ;).


    1. Hi Charisse!

      Thank you! I’ve added it. Would you mind checking it for typos? I had to manually type this one out. I’ve double checked it but another pair of eyes is always helpful ;).


  81. One of our Primary kids noticed a typo in the 1st verse of “Search, Ponder, and Pray”. You have a ? where the song has a -.

    1. Hi Kjell!

      I sure do! These basically are my version of a flip chart. But I never use them alone to teach a song. They are always used as reinforcement for the words. I hope that answers your question.


  82. I was too lazy too scroll through all the other comments so you may have answered this a million times but what font do you use for these hymns? I am needing to make up a couple of non hymnbook songs and was wanting them to be uniform.

    Thanks so much Camille, you have saved me sooooooo many times!!!

  83. I love the flip chart idea.
    What size are the pages please?
    My daughter was going to start to type until I found your site.

    1. Hi Pam!

      Glad you found what you were looking for. Hopefully I saved your daughter hours of work, haha! They print on regular sheets of paper – 8.5 x 11. I hope that is what you are asking.


      1. Thank you so much. I thought they looked bigger. Your site is such a great resource. Thank you for sharing your talent

  84. Thank you so much for all of the work you have put into your blog and for sharing all of you great ideas too. Would you be able to add “The Spirit of God” to your list of songs?

    Thank you!

  85. Thank you so very much for all your work on this. These words are so incredibly helpful. If you have time could you add A Leap of Faith and Redeemer of Israel? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Natalie!

      I’ve added Redeemer of Israel but I’m not familiar with the song A Leap of Faith. If you can get me the lyrics, I can put them in this format. Thanks!


  86. Do you print these words on cardstock or just regular computer paper? Wondering if the sturdiness of the cardstock is at all helpful?