Music Bag Starter Kit

This is the best starter kit for any primary music leader, nursery music leaders and families who want to sing more primary songs!!  You always have a singing time or family home evening lesson plan ready to go!


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Inspired by the new home-centered, church-supported curriculum Come Follow Me, this Music Bag will get your primary more excited to sing primary songs at church and get your family singing more at home!

The music bag contains a song list with 14 Primary songs from The Children’s Songbook with props for 6 of those songs for 12 children.  Perfect for use in homes, nursery and small to medium size primaries.

Use it in primary

Perfect for small primaries, but works great for larger primaries as well. You can order multiple bags or have children take turns with the various props.  Or it works well as a starter bag and you can customize to fit your individual needs.

Use it in nursery

With the changes made to the Sunday church schedule, most primary music leaders are now unable to go into the nursery to sing with the nursery aged children.  Unless your ward has a dedicated nursery music leader, this has created a HUGE void in the nursery!  The responsibility of teaching music in nursery has now fallen to the nursery leaders.  My Music Bag simplifies singing time in the nursery so any leader (musical or not!) can implement a fun and engaging music time in nursery.

Need a sub?

What’s great about having a Music Bag is you always have a singing time lesson plan ready to go!  Going out of town on vacation? No problem – you can easily pass it off to a sub!  Wake up not feeling well the morning of singing time?  Easy – keep your Music Bag in the primary closet so a member of the presidency can cover for you at the last minute!  Your current singing time isn’t going as planned and your kids need a wiggle break? It’s the Music Bag for the win!

Use it at home

It’s also a lifesaver at home!  I don’t know about your kids but mine get bored when we just have a lesson.  If we go sing through all these songs beforehand, they’re much more likely to sit a little longer.  Not to mention all the gospel principles that were reinforced in the songs we just sang!  My 12-year old twin boys still love doing all these activities with all their siblings!  It’s not just for the nursery aged kids!


  • Bag (big enough to tote around your songbook and any other items you may need for singing time, but not too big that you wished you’d left it at home)
  • 12 music shakers in an egg case
  • 12 jingle bell bracelets
  • 12 sunshine balls
  • 12 wands
  • 13 laminated prophet sticks (Susan Fitch artwork)
  • 12 laminated temple pictures (Susan Fitch artwork)
  • 12 laminated missionary tags
  • Song list

Songs on Song List:

  • I Love To See the Temple (temple pictures)
  • Book of Mormon Stories (actions)
  • I Hope They Call Me On a Mission (missionary tags)
  • Once There Was a Snowman (actions)
  • Follow the Prophet – chorus (prophet sticks)
  • Popcorn Popping (actions)
  • “Give,” Said the Little Stream (ribbon wands)
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (actions)
  • Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam (sunshine balls)
  • My Hands (actions)
  • If You’re Happy (jingle bells)
  • Daddy’s Homecoming (actions)
  • Do as I’m Doing (egg shakers)
  • I Am a Child of God (fold arms)

Of course, you can always use the props for any song you choose!  Check out more details HERE on how to use the props with each song.


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