Singing Time Clock

Keep track of time in primary by using this singing time clock printable! Primary presidencies, primary music leaders, pianists and primary teachers will all benefit!


Keep your primary on schedule with this customizable singing time clock printable!  If you’ve ever been short on time or wondered what-is-supposed-to-happen-when in primary, this clock printable is for you!  Primary presidencies, primary music leaders, pianists and primary teachers will all benefit!

NOTE: this is an instant download, no physical product is shipped to you.  Download the document after you purchase it and print it at your favorite print shop.

The clip art is courtesy of Susan Fitch HERE!

The singing time clock printable includes:

  • 10 minute transition time section
  • 5 minute opening exercises  section (2)
  • 20 minute singing time section (2)
  • 5 minute transition time section
  • 20 minute class time section

These timeframes are from the suggestions found in the Instructions for Singing Time on the church’s website HERE.

To Use the Singing Time Clock:

This clock printable fits around the perimeter of most standard-sized clocks – 10 inch, 12 inch or 14 inch.  Measure your primary’s clock.  Then print the page that best fits around your primary’s clock.  Depending on the clock size you print, the width of the printable is 4.5 inches to almost 6 inches wide around the clock.  All sizes include options for Jr. and Sr. primary combined or Jr. and Sr. primary separate.

If Jr. and Sr. primary are combined, use the singing time & class time 20 minute sections.  If Jr. and Sr. primary are separate, use 2 20 minute singing time sections, omitting the class time section.

How to Print:

I HIGHLY recommend Costco’s 20 x 30 sized vertical poster board (it comes mounted) for $19.99 HERE.  But any printer will work.  I have both JPEG and PDF files available to download so use the file that works for you.  Make sure to print the size and page option (Jr. & Sr. separate or Jr. and Sr. combined) that fits with your primary’s clock size and schedule.  Carefully cut out the sections you need with a good pair of scissors (and your muscles!).  That’s what I did and it worked great!  Once it’s cut out, tape the sections together on the back to create your customized 60 minute primary clock schedule.

I do have a tiled option that you can print at home.  I haven’t printed it and am not sure I recommend it but it is there.  Each section prints in pieces that you cut out and put together.  The sizes are close but not exact.

Hanging the Clock Printable:

Remove the clock from the wall, then add the printable.  Hang the clock.  Adjust the printable so it is centered around the clock and tape it to the wall.  If you have a shared building, you might want to try to have the printable so it’s easily rotated using small command hooks around the clock both on the outer and inner edges all the way around.

After you place your order, you will receive a link with the clock printable pages to download.  They are in 3 folders – JPEG, PDF and TILED folders.  Download and print as many copies as you need for YOUR primary.  Once purchased, please do not share the file or link with anyone else – I appreciate your honesty.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I have a detailed post HERE (coming soon) with more information!

10 Inch Clock Printable

Printable fits a 10" clock and is approximately 4.5" wide around the perimeter of the clock. JPEG & PDF files available.

12 Inch Clock Printable

Printable fits a 12" clock and is approximately 5" wide around the perimeter of the clock. JPEG & PDF files available.

14 Inch Clock Printable

Printable fits a 14" clock and is approximately 6.5" wide around the perimeter of the clock. JPEG & PDF files available.

Tiled Clock Printable

All sizes (10" 12" and 14") are available to print from home as a tiled document. JPEG & PDF files available.


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