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Here’s an index of all the singing time lesson plans I have posted throughout my website categorized alphabetically by song title and by topic.

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20 thoughts on “Lesson Plans”

  1. Hi Rand Waldron,

    I don't have a lesson plan for that song. I usually tend to stick with the Children's Songbook, Hymns and songs from the outlines. I'd suggest checking out the Chorister's FB group or even google. Sorry I'm not more help.


  2. Hi! I love the binder idea! I'm super not musical (I thought they were joking about giving me this calling…) So I absolutely did not want to be up there singing a solo, and started to print lyrics as a coping mechanism, ha ha. I'm so glad I found your list! I was looking for 86a (the top one) "An Angel Came To Joseph Smith." Thanks!

  3. You should do Easter Hosannah! I love what you did with Hosannah. I'm having the kids hail with tree leaves/branches (they loved it this week). Next week – Palm Sunday we're going to make an aisle in the middle of the rows and put down the branches and extra clothes to experience the feeling of doing that. However, I'm finding the words are a bit challenging. This week I had each row stand up and sing a phrase — the rest sing too but they are responsible for carrying the weight of the verse. And I had a "line leader" make sure everyone in their row actually verbalized the words to them so each child had said it once and every person in the line heard it a lot. When I took down their cheat sheets on the board though (just the second half of each phrase), everyone was totally lost… including me! Tough song but powerful! Spirit was so there. But I'd love ideas on teaching it more effectively. Thanks!

  4. Hi WaveMan!

    I would LOVE to branch out one of these days and teach a Easter new song – we're just always so limited in the spring with General Conference and this year, I have the temple dedication. Your ideas sound great!! If you are looking for more ideas, I'd check out The Songbook Companion Book – that's always one of my go-to's when searching for ideas on songs that are not taught as often. You can find details on the book here:


    Thank you for your comment and let me know if I can help you further!


  5. Hi Steph Thomas!

    I haven't taught it. My go-to resource is The Children's Songbook Companion. Search my blog for details on that book. If you don't have access, maybe I could somehow scan in the page and send it to you. Sorry I'm not more help!


  6. I want to do a good board/bad board for Choose the Right review. We have two portable blackboards plus our board in the front of the room. I was going to put up with magnets lots of photos of people doing bad and good things. I can find lots of good things but where could I find bad things? If I can pull it together, a child will have to put up on the correct board before we finish singing the song.

  7. I am looking for help with "We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet".
    The Sharing Time outline has helps with words but I need visuals for our little ones that do not read yet.
    How do you print off your wonderful chart with the new Presidency and Apostles?
    We updated our Latter-day Prophets by the end of January and will now add your new song with the Apostles. thanks so much.

  8. Hi Cherie Lynn,

    I don't have any visuals for We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet, sorry about that. You ought to check out the FB group – either search or just ask the group.

    As for printing off the presidency and apostles chart, you can print it as a picture at a photo lab or you can print it at home – just whatever is easiest for you.

    I hope that helps some.


  9. Hi Ashley,

    I'm sorry, I don't! I usually just teach from "The Children's Songbook" unless otherwise specified in the yearly outlines. I'd try the Chorister's FB group – I've seen LOTS of ideas floating around there. Sorry I'm not more help!


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