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Camille's Primary Ideas Baptism Singing Time Lesson Plan


This month, I’ve teaching the song Baptism (I chose this one only because it’s been the longest since this song was taught in primary).  You

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Sing a Baptism Story Singing Time Lesson Plan Idea

Sing-A-Baptism Story

I wanted to review When I Am Baptized this week but the primary already knows it VERY well.  So I thought I would branch out and

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Camille's Primary Ideas Baptism Singing Time Lesson Plan

Baptism, 1st Verse

I’m replicating the idea found in the 2014 Sharing Time Outline found HERE: “Prepare the following wordstrips: Who, When, How, and Where [I added What (and

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Camille's Primary Ideas: I Want to Live the Gospel singing time ideas

I Want to Live the Gospel

This singing time lesson plan for I Want to Live the Gospel helps define what living the gospel looks like.  It utilizes the church’s Gospel Art Book images and a simple word scramble!  Your primary will leave wanting to live the gospel and knowing how!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: I Have Two Ears singing time ideas using body part cut outs

I Have Two Ears

There are SO many songs in The Children’s Songbook on thanks! I Have Two Ears is one that is lesser-known but PERFECT to sing around Thanksgiving! Your primary will love wearing all these body parts the song references!

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