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Camille's Primary Ideas: May 2023 Singing Time To-Go

May 2023 Singing Time To-Go

Is may a crazy month for anyone else?  School is winding down along with most extracurriculars.  Don’t let singing time add to your stress!  May 2023 Singing Time To-Go is now available!  It includes lesson plans for all 3 suggested songs for singing time, Mother’s Day along with a simple review activity!  Also available are 5-minute lesson plans for the songs suggested in Come Follow Me Primary!!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Recipe for a Happy Mother Singing Time Lesson Plan Ideas

Recipe for a Happy Mother

How many families would love the recipe for a happy mother?  This Mother’s Day singing time lesson contains such a recipe!  Every mother in your

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Easter Sing-a-Story Primary Singing Time Ideas

Easter Sing-A-Story

Children love a good book and will enjoy reading and singing this singing time Easter Sing-A-Story!  Tell the Easter Story with Easter Primary songs and beautiful artwork!

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