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Camille's Primary Ideas: General Conference Primary Singing Time Ideas

Singing Time Ideas for Kids for LDS General Conference

Take at least one Sunday each year before General Conference to prep your Primary kids for General Conference!  Effortlessly incorporate these General Conference singing time ideas into your Primary!  Then enjoy a weekend off from teaching  … you deserve it!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: March 2023 Singing Time To-Go

March 2023 Singing Time To-Go

We’re marching right along into … March, can you believe it?  That said, March 2023 Singing Time To-Go is now available!  It includes lesson plans for all 3 suggested songs for singing time. In addition are lesson plans that incorporate a St. Patrick’s Day (with a sheep alternative) and General Conference singing time activities.

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Music Madness lesson plan idea

Singing Time Music Madness

Ever heard of March Madness?  The NCAA basketball tournament that takes place every year in March?   No worries if not!  This singing time MUSIC MADNESS puts a spin on a tournament centered on Primary songs instead of basketball teams!  Primary songs compete to be the final song in the tournament! 

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Father's Day Singing Time Ideas

LDS Father’s Day Songs for Primary Singing Time

It’s so important that children understand that there are so many father figures in their lives, especially a Heavenly Father!  And that can easily be accomplished with many Primary songs!  So celebrate Father’s Day in singing time with these Father’s Day singing time ideas.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Help Me, Dear Father Primary Singing Time Ideas

Help Me, Dear Father Primary Singing Time Ideas

When teaching children about intangible gospel principles such as forgiveness and repentance, tie them to familiar items that children know and recognize.  These valuable Help Me, Dear Father Primary singing time ideas help you do just that!

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