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Camille's Primary Ideas: Practice 2 part songs with these review cards

He Sent His Son – Review

Review He Sent His Son using these Singing Time Review Cards!  Create different groups so one group sings the question and the other group answers the

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Review cards

Singing Time Review Cards

Use these singing time review necklace cards to review ANY Primary song!  They are especially great for double melody Primary songs.  Create different groups based on different children’s characteristics and preferences.  The options are endless and so is the singing!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Father's Day Singing Time Ideas

LDS Father’s Day Songs for Primary Singing Time

It’s so important that children understand that there are so many father figures in their lives, especially a Heavenly Father!  And that can easily be accomplished with many Primary songs!  So celebrate Father’s Day in singing time with these Father’s Day singing time ideas.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Help Me, Dear Father Primary Singing Time Ideas

Help Me, Dear Father Primary Singing Time Ideas

When teaching children about intangible gospel principles such as forgiveness and repentance, tie them to familiar items that children know and recognize.  These valuable Help Me, Dear Father Primary singing time ideas help you do just that!

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