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Camille's Primary Ideas: The Miracle singing time lesson plan using scarves and stories from the New Testament

The Miracle

When the song The Miracle by Shawna Edwards was published in the Friend, I INSTANTLY fell in love with it!  It’s a perfect fit for singing time this year as we study the New Testament!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: January 2023 Singing Time To-Go

January 2023 Singing Time To-Go

 The holidays are just about over and you want to hit the ground running in 2023 with singing time!  January 2023 Singing Time To-Go helps you do just that!  It incorporates all the suggested music for singing time in addition to The Miracle, a PREVIEW of 2023’s program songs and a brand NEW goal setting singing time activity!

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Camille's Primary Ideas: Valentine's Day Class Party Using Handbells

Valentine’s Day Class Party Idea Using Handbells

Friends Are Fun and We Are Different are PERFECT primary songs to take into elementary classrooms for a Valentine’s Day class party! They emphasize kindness and being a good friend, perfect for elementary students! Use my bell charts to introduce a little music while you’re at it. So simple, kindergartners to 6th graders will enjoy this activity!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Jesus Once Was a Little Child Singing Time Ideas using scarf actions

Jesus Once Was A Little Child Singing Time Ideas

These singing time ideas for teaching Jesus Once Was a Little Child will help your primary understand that Jesus was once just like them!  There are several suggestions here so pick the one that is right for your primary.

Camille's Primary Ideas: A Child's Prayer Singing Time Ideas

A Child’s Prayer Singing Time Ideas

These singing time ideas for teaching A Child’s Prayer will help your primary fall in love all over again with this beloved primary song!  And don’t shy away from it because it’s a double melody!  That just adds to its beauty!

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